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Play That Song

Despite the business of October and October postings, that doesn’t mean, I didn’t manage to find some musical inspiration outside of my frequent haunting tunes I refer to during one of my favorite times of the year. If you don’t know me, I simply ADORE Train. I love and have loved them for well onto fifteen years now. They are a band that consistently surprises me with each new song they release. I will continue to love them for a very long time. It was no surprise when they released their newest song, that it would strike a cord with me, even with it’s release just before the Halloween season. The under-melody of this song is an old one and one of the very first melodies I learned how to play on the piano. It was hard not to become inspired. Thanks, Train. ­čÖé

A Magical Adventure: Train at the Shoreline

Can you believe I took that featured photo with just my phone?

What is there to say about the amazing adventure my parents surprised me and my hubby with as an anniversary/birthday/all gifting holidays gift? I have loved the band Train for…well…since I heard Drops of Jupiter on the radio, obsessed over it and finding out who the band was and then gifted their CD album of the same name as a birthday gift from my parents…I think during my 7th or 8th grade year so…close to 15 years. Of all the bands and music I love to listen┬áto, Train has always and will forever be a huge part of my musical life. I’ve been blessed to attend three concerts prior to this and every time their energy on stage leaves me completely impressed and in awe and falling in love all over again.

What Train concert would be complete without amazing company and wine?

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Adventure a Day: Days 141-150

This group of days was full of outings and visits and performances, it was hard to pick one. And not too much of a surprise when I had a lazy day between it all. But one even trumped them all without hesitation.

My Favorite Adventure

IMG_1979My parents were so awesomely cool and got tickets to see Train. Now, we were not just there at the concert, we were TWO ROWS away from the stage. It was an amazing experience and I was up and dancing the whole time.


Goodbye, 2013!



Erick and I are happily leaving it behind and ready to jump right into our next adventure in the upcoming year. I am honestly glad to say 2013 is over. Although it wasn’t a terrible year, it was sort of annoying when it came to work and some small personal things and I’m oh so happy to be done with it. I cannot lie, though. I was in love with all the overdose of Disney I got to be exposed to.

I know that my own personal journey changed me from the person most of my friends and family know me to be. I know it’s not a bad change, but I’m sure it was very surprising for older relations to be exposed to. As an indecisive person, I’ve become very assertive and resolute. It’s been a fun change and I hope that I can continue my decision-making streak with the confidence I’ve been feeling throughout 2013.

And now…the year in review!

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