Inspiration Instants: Shark Conservation

I should be posting this over at Sharky’s Digest, but think of it as getting some traffic over at that blog by saying I should be posting over there. ^^; I dunno.

Anywhoos. I saw this amusing advertisement the other day and thought it was a great way to sort of show off the ridiculousness of people’s fear about sharks.

Inspiration Instants: Cocktails with Stan Lee

Just stumbled across this so I had to share. Especially in honor of finally purchasing our Comikaze Expo passes last night, it seemed appropriate. XD If you have ten minutes or so, it’s fun to watch through and always entertaining to see Cassandra and Stan Lee interacting together. It makes me so looking forward to Comikaze.

Inspiration Instants: Aliens

I’m not the craziest nerd out there…you know, the one who never even tried to read the mint condition of that first issue superman comic or known the layout of the starship enterprise and all it’s access codes, regardless of it being a fictional vessal. But I do have my moments. Especially when it comes to the Sci-Fi genre. Even more when it comes to the Alien series. XD

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A New Wedding Update: DIY versus Professional

I’m a couple days off with the blogging. I think the holiday in the middle of the week and unexpected happenings on Monday threw me off. Oh well. It’ll straighten its self out somehow. Moving on to my day-late wedding Wednesday~

So something I’ve notice lately is that the nation seems to be obsessed with Do-It-Yourself (dubbed DIY) projects for everything. EVERYTHING. And it seems that the wedding scene is the most apparent of this. I have nothing against DIY. In fact, Erick and I will be making some items for our wedding, but these are within our skill sets. (In fact one of our projects will require lots of wine drinking. I’m looking forward to that one.)


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Inspiration Instants: The Best Halloween Prop EVER

That I wish I had been old enough to buy one for myself. /:

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Inspiration Instants: Elviras of Events Past

I think if I could only cosplay one costume for the rest of my life, it would be Elvira. I adore that costume and I love that every time I wear it, not only is it a huge hit, I’m constantly improving it.

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