A New Wedding Update: One year down, one more and three months to go!

Yesterday, in addition to Christmas, we celebrated one year of being engaged. I still think how fortunate it is that we still have all this time before the wedding. Our relationship has changed a lot, but, of course it has been for the better.


I’ve spent a year fussing over silly wedding details and ridiculous drama, and you know what? That’s a-okay! We’re probably going to get more drama later, I’m sure, but oh well. I’m happy with all that’s happened. Erick and I have had a chance to learn even more about each other and our families as well. I wouldn’t change it to be any other way.

I feel super done with wedding details. Not like I can’t stand them, but that I think we’ve flushed out most of them. Nearly everything is actually in order other than a few minor details. I mean, I suppose that makes sense! I’ve had a year to really think and discuss with Erick what it is we want in our vision. And we haven’t procrastinated with deciding upon those things that people probably think we could have put off until now. Instead, now we have a whole year to mostly relax.

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