‘Tis Tree Tuesday

Or should I say Tree Tuesday? Today, I’d like to talk about our Christmas Tree! So…trees, traditions, and…well gifts!

Last year, Erick and I picked out our very first Christmas tree together. (love all the T’s? Totally unintentional) It wasn’t anything huge or unique or outrageously decked out, but it was special to us. Christmas last year was our first family holiday we got to spend together at what we consider home. Well, at least a small portion of it. Thanksgiving was spent apart and New Year’s was spent with my sisters and folks. It was fun because we got to begin experimenting with our own traditions and sort of start to break free from family bonds (even though we jumped between both families over the two days). It was symbolic because I also received a proposal under that very tree. A gift that can’t be topped, and made Christmas even more meaningful.

This year, we have a new tree. I hope we begin another tradition too. I can’t wait to see what happens around our new tree this year.

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