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Well, missed Monday’s Macabre post so today, I’ll make up for it with lots of pictures! Cause who doesn’t love pictures? XD

If you hadn’t heard, we went to Calaveras area with my folks who decided to rent a cabin. Now if you are a stranger to the area or good camping places, Calaveras is home to Angels Camp and their infamous frogs.

And apparently a famous (hidden gem perhaps?!) wine country area called Murphys. And frogs are EVERYWHERE! @_@ If you love frogs, I recommend you check out this area if only for that. Nearly every local establishment has their own personalized frog. But this was not the highlight of our trip!

Shall we start off with the cabin? For starters, the first night felt like a horror movie. You’re really out in the woods surrounded by forest and nearly no cars passing by. There are neighboring vacation cabins, but both of the ones on either side of us went unoccupied for the duration of our stay so it was a bit surreal.

Starting from the top floor of three, there was tons of sleeping space. Not to mention the creepy corner closet in the loft or the note on the door by the stairs left by the owners asking not to enter the closet. @_@

The second floor was much more welcoming, with a cozy fire place and the two rooms that hosted my parents in the master room and Erick and myself in the other.

The rooms were pretty close to identical. Above was my parents’ room and below was ours.

And for being so chilly in Arnold, it was roasting in our rooms at night. Even my mom was dying and she’s cold all the time. They must have had some really amazing insulation or something.

The first floor was the entertainment room and where we spent the least amount of time. It was like a natural ice box, but it was the only room with a tv, so we spent a little bit of Turkey day down there watching Home for the Holidays and then the following day watching Arthur Christmas.

Speaking of, Turkey Day was rather uneventful. We spent most of it sleeping and lounging and just relaxing and then eating. A miracle happened and I had a second serving of dinner. It happened later in the night, but that has never happened to me. I always tend to never finish my plate and then am usually not hungry until dinnertime the next day. That was exciting for me. But otherwise, it was uneventful.

The next day, however, we spent the late afternoon and evening with my favorite beverages. My dad treated us all to wine tasting in the Murphys area and then we ate at the eternally tasty Snowshoe restaurant we always eat at when we visit the Calaveras area. I even got an oatmeal stout. Bleh. It was tasty-ish, but beer is just so not my thing. I did finish it though.

After stuffing ourselves full at Snowshoe (we pretty much went the whole day with a small breakfast) we cracked into the treat Erick had so magically provided, some Dom Perignon. Jealous, right? And sooooo smooth too. Very different from the regular champagnes we buy, it was obvious. I’m glad the money didn’t feel like a waste.

Now that I’ve typed this out, I realize we did quite a bit. It didn’t feel like it while we were there, but I sure have the pictures to prove otherwise!

What did you do for Thanksgiving?

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