A New Wedding Update: His or Her family for the Holidays?

So I read this article a week or two ago and it really sat with me. I’m curious on all your perspectives.

Where to Spend the Holidays | Bridal Guide

I’ve seen the holidays bring a lot of tension to my parent’s marriage and to other family’s. I’ve seen it bring some tension in our own relationship.

I’m starting to think the best solution is to say once the “I do’s” have been said to cut ties with families and say “It’s time to make our own traditions for our family.”

I want to hear though, what has worked for you?

2 observations on “A New Wedding Update: His or Her family for the Holidays?
  1. Emelie

    Thank you for wishing me a happy Halloween, unfortunately I cound not finish the countdown because of some health issues…but now I’m back 🙂

    This is really interesting. Christmas is the only time when I’m actually happy that my husband’s parents are Jehovah’s witnesses! And since he never celebrated Christmas as a child, he doesn’t care about what we do and where we are as much as I do. The only issue is his brother’s family (they are a big family, lots of children), who has asked us to join them…but I don’t feel like it, and my husband doesn’t either. I’ve told them that as long as my grandmother is still alive I’m not going anywhere – I’m her only grandchild.

    However, I think it’s really important to talk to each other (in a relationship) about what you want, what you expect of the holidays, what’s important to you etc, and be completely honest about it. The most common mistake made in relationships is to expect the other person to read your mind, I think. That never works 🙂 And then I guess you’ll have to compromise, and together make up your strategies on what to tell your parents.

    I agree that once you are married, you’ve started a family of your own. Even if it’s just the two of you. 🙂

    Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Ladydragon Queen

      Wow! Thanks so much for taking the time to check in on my blog and return the Halloween wishes! I also greatly enjoyed reading your advice and opinions. It was very insightful.

      I hope you are in much better health now. I still enjoy checking in on your blog, keep up the posting! 🙂


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