Thankful Things

I complain a lot. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not thankful for all the things I have. And with the holiday for being thankful for what you have is only two days away, I thought I’d share what it is I am thankful for. Why not jump on the bandwagon?

Firstly, I am thankful for my family. My fiancé, our cats, blood-related kin, those that will become family through my future marriage and even my friends. They are all my family and always will be. I know I don’t show my appreciation enough and some of said family can drive me absolutely bananas, but I am thankful that I have family that can drive me bananas. There are some people that will be spending this holiday and the next one alone.

I am thankful for having shelter and that I have bills. That I have a job that allows me to pay my bills and save up for a wedding. I am so fortunate to have finances, even thought I often complain about not having enough. I have far more than those without jobs. I am thankful that I can still put aside a savings goal amount for the wedding AND live comfortably. We can still go out to eat or check out a new movie and not stress about if we’ll have enough for paying our bills throughout the month.

[photo of apartment]

Above all, I am thankful for having someone to call mine. I could probably get through my day if I didn’t have Erick and would do alright, but it wouldn’t be as worthwhile of a day. Not that it would be terrible. I just know how lucky I am to have someone to share a deep connection with. He has made my life better and allowed me to grow to new heights. If he were to disappear, I would still have a warm glow in my heart knowing that I am where I am at this moment because he walked into my life. I don’t tell him enough how thankful I am or how much I love him and I plan to change that.

There’s so much more I am thankful for, but it could go on and on. So, when you think of what you’re grateful for, what comes to mind first?

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