A New Wedding Update: Engagement Dress

Wasting time again. Am I driving anyone crazy yet? Making up for lost posts. Just kidding. But I’m in a blogging mood today.

The Engagement Party Dress

First off, I want to say mine is ivory. Not the frightening stark white as in the photo above. I was just having an ungodly time finding a decent photo of the dress at all. Shopping at Nordstrom Rack is great aside from the issues of finding reasonable photos on the internet. This is an “outdated” Maggy London, outdated meaning it wasn’t hip enough to sell at Nordstrom’s anymore.

I was struggling between this one and another (which I ended up getting both thanks to my wonderful fantastic father), but I love the classy sophisticated look of this one. Usually, these form fitting dresses are hit and miss with me. They don’t always flatter my curvy figure, but this did. We walked out with it deciding it would be perfect for the Engagement party. Whenever, if ever, that will be. If not, I have a rehearsal dinner dress! 😉

I’m curious to know, what do you think of Engagement parties? They’re fun, the ones I’ve been too, but I almost wonder if we need/want one. Erick doesn’t care either way, so it’s kind of up to me. But I’m not sure myself.

My yiayia kept insisting and insisting on one when we first got engaged. She has since then dropped it, or at least not brought it up and decides to bring up other topics I could care less about, and we have not been up to bringing it up. We agreed to leave it up to her to mention it again. Especially since she would be the one paying for it, we don’t want to seem pushy.

So, outspoken audience, what are your thoughts on Engagement Parties? I want to know your thoughts!!!

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