12 of 31 : Wine-o-ween : Armida Winery’s Poizin

They have an “antidote”! Oh my god, I have to try it! All these wineries are killing me, guys. So far, all have been excellent! Like seriously, I would recommend them to both wine newbies and wine fans. What is this awesome Halloween madness?

Interested in more wine from the vinter?

Check out Armida Winery‘s website. And if you want to provide an offering of antidote, I will be happy to take it! Seriously. This wine was super awesome.

Celebrating 5 years of Halloween Countdowns through the Cryptkeeper’s Countdown to Halloween

3 observations on “12 of 31 : Wine-o-ween : Armida Winery’s Poizin
  1. raven0176

    Thanks for fixing the sound on the other video! I had to laugh at this one (in good fun, of course). Sound was great, the video cut (and comment) cracked me up. Love the kitties. Pretty neat that Chronic responded to you.

  2. raven0176

    I was wondering where my comment went…realized I forgot to hit post comment…ooops. ha. New to this commenting thing. Anyways, I thought it was great that Chronic wrote to you. That’s pretty neat. I’m going to try this one eventually. Love the bottle. That’s a keeper. Thanks, as always. (got a kick out of the tape running out and the embedded comment you put. too funny)

    1. Ladydragon Queen

      Hey raven0176! you did hit “comment” I just forgot to approve it. All the comments on here need to get approved and I had just been so busy that I didn’t get the chance to approve them. But thank you for checking back in. Thank you so so so much for letting me know about the audio in the last video. >.<;; I usually check them right after they are uploaded, but that particular one, I did not. Thank you for speaking out.

      The bottle, for certain is very neat and would be a great addition to Halloween decor even if you don't enjoy the wine. 🙂

      And I'm glad to have brought some humor to your day. It was an embarrassing moment, but it seemed fitting. Thanks for continually following!


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