Even though I tried to muster through July with as brave a face as I could muster, I was still a bit discouraged although I really couldn’t put it into words that would be easy to explain to family and friends without having them fussing over me or trying to talk it out.

This month made me think of how my current boss mentioned while I interviewed with her that I would need time to transition from one job to another. I would essentially be going through a job form of “grief”. At that time of my interview, I thought nothing of it. I hated my old job and was very eager to move on and experience the relief from what I’d experienced, but that “grief” must have been what manifested in August and it was rough.

Then I stumbled across this song. And although my situation was no where near to the point that one of this band’s members had experienced, it certainly called and was a reminder that it was ok for me to just let it out and say whatever, even if I didn’t quite know how. Of course, I don’t act on it, but it’s always good to have the reminder that I should if needed.

That was August. Rather uneventful, yet busy and emotion-filled all at once.

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