Pocket Full of Gold

Continuing the streak of American Authors (whom must be my new spirit animal), This song came with good timing. I had my first experience representing my business at a county fair with not such awesome results, started a new job which left me, at first, very nervous and leery with how things were first kicking off, and dealing with a bit of distressful news regarding one of my cats and the vet not really being able to give answers to her condition without performing a very expensive ultra sound that, thanks to starting my new job at the time, I could not afford to have done.

This song came at a prime moment. This newest album was released on the weekend of my fair and carried me through the month, helping me regroup, reinvent, and restart. This song reminded me that we wish for all these things or plan for things to go perfectly and smoothly, but we don’t have to get caught up on what was done or happened. We just have to accept that things didn’t go well, but we don’t have to stop there.

It’s definitely a beat a I can dance to.

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