Comikaze 2012 Coverage: Saturday

There is too much to say about this convention and yet I have so little to report. /: Hopefully next year, I will have more to say, but may what I have be enough to satisfy you until then. šŸ™‚

I have to say for starters, that Comikaze really stepped up their game from last year. In just one year, there was an amazing improvement that wasĀ noticeableĀ to all attendees of it’s pilot year. My complaints are small and few between and the majority of them have to do with their customer service and the staff’s lack of knowing what was going on, but it was yet again anĀ exhilaratingĀ experience. I’m going to dwell on the positive this time around since it really did outweigh the negative this year. I only have one thing I really want to address and that is that next year, I will NOT be purchasing any kind of “VIP” pass of any sort, unless it is Elvira-focused. Both years, the “special” pass (last year we purchased the VIP passes and this year, we got the Stan Lee’s Army passes) was extremely underwhelming and I believe we were actually given the wrong kind of pass when we picked them up this year. Instead, we will save the money for more goodies in the exhibit hall.

After waiting to pick up our passes Saturday morning, we made a beeline for the Macabre Museum. This was really what I was looking forward to ever since I had heard mention of such a thing existing. I have to say that Elvira’s museum completely outshone Stan Lee’s, but I’m most likely speaking with biased opinion since she was more of my interest list than Stan. ^^; It was completely full of Macabre history and memrobilia.

My favorite had to be the checks. (I need to find out where I can get me some of those!)

Elvira, just like last time, is so amazing in person! She really was fantastic, and what made my con most was that she remembered me from last year!!! I was way too excited to hear that little bit of information. Just think. She attends several events throughout the year, meets several people whom dress up as her all the time, but she remembered me. Yeah, I was pretty stoked.

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We then went on the search for our next biggest target, Peaches Christ. We were very disappointed to find her table looking like she had already left. šŸ™ So we tried tracking down the rest of the people we wanted autographs from so we could return our precious cargo to the hotel room and then return with a lighter load to better explore. We did find the rest of the people we were looking for, but the cost was either too high or the lines were too long.

Erick did manage to stop and see the one person he was really looking forward to and get a picture with him. šŸ™‚ He was so star struck, it was adorable.

We really wanted to avoid last year’s fiasco of standing in line all day, so we decided to skip them and check back in on Peaches. Who WAS at her table. Squee! Peaches loved my look and give me the challenge of next year dressing as her. :O We shall see…no promises yet. I do have a wedding on the way and Peaches can only be done with all theĀ glamorousness that can be mustered. *nod*

Poster signed and pictures taken, we decided it was time to drop off stuff. We did manage to take a little more of a gander around the exhibit hall, and I was really in love with the wider selection of merchandise. I loved it because a good majority of the selection were not your typical convention type things. It was an awesome mish-mash and I loved the one-of-a-kindness of it all. Perusing done and feet and arms tired from carrying all our booty, we returned to the hotel room.

I changed up my look as the Bride of Frankenstien and went to drop by on Elvira’s and Peaches’ Horror Hunt panel. I made us a little late, but we got to watch the winning short film. It was um…very…interesting, to say the least. However, I had a little mishap…

The combination of the heat in L.A., my dehydration, and the fumes from all the hair spray in my hair, I fainted during the film! Luckily it was at the end, and people weren’t too angry as Erick escorted me out of the room during the credits.

Feeling better, we took my younger sister to explore the exhibit hall since she hadn’t yet had a chance and I bought a rocking new wallet to match my look. ;D Which, by the way, brings me to how much I enjoy the vendors at this convention. These guys seem to be interested more in making a connection versus trying to make a sale. The guy whom sold my wallet shared with me his own trials of donning the Bride. It was entertaining.

We took my sis to see Peaches as well, since she was her #1 target idol to see and hung around until it was closing time for the exhibit hall.

And that pretty much wraps up day one of Comikaze Expo. I suppose that was more than I thought I had. ^^; Hang around for day two tomorrow!

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