Graduation Gallivant 2015

After participating in a program that took me three years of hard work to complete, I decided to throw myself a little party to celebrate my achievement. This was my first time completing an education program since my high school graduation, so it was a big deal to me and I wanted to have some fun with it.


On Friday, I attended the graduation ceremony and received my certificate of completion. Nothing much to share that is unusual for a graduation ceremony. There were smiles and hugs and congrats and all that jazz.

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Then Saturday was the party day. For once, I was good and took photos of all the details I put into it. Yay! My apartment has not looked this clean since. TT.TT Initially, I had planned to make this a Ghostbusters themed drinking party like the Clue party was, but decided against it when I started adding family to the list with their children. I got inspired by watching Up one day and decided to give it an adventure/travel theme. Especially since my photo adventures had really been an inspiration for this year, it seemed appropriate to keep with the theme.


I will probably break down the details in a later post as I did put a lot of thought and work into every decorative item, but some of my favorite things were the signs I made. It definitely helped out with the buffet and people who had to be cautious of food allergies and what not. I will definitely keep that up for future parties.

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As per usual, I did not get a chance to take photos of the party happening. I’m very bad at that. If anyone has any advice for getting more into the habit of taking photos during a party, I am all ears.


My photo booth app, Simple Booth, did some pretty fun things this time though, providing both gifs and photo strip layouts. Our guests had a lot of fun with this feature!

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Next time we have a party, I think I will encourage guests to do the email feature on the app I use, or upload to some social media. I haven’t decided yet. We shall see what the future will decide.

Once guests enjoyed food and the photo booth and gave their well wishes, they trickled away until it was just my fellow graduating classmates left with their significant others. We chatted for a while and dined on the remaining food, then it was also their turn to say goodnight. However, I was NOT done for the evening! I was still full of energy and excitement, so we looked up Tiki bars in the area and made our way to Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge.


Not only was Forbidden Island a fun little gem, they’re drinks were really really good and the atmosphere was fantastic. I even got a souvenir glass in the spirit of celebration. We eagerly look forward to coming back here in the future.

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