A Magical Adventure: My Napa Valley Birthday Weekend Part 2

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Our Saturday was very full and kept us busy. Luckily, I’d planned for a much more mellow and laid-back Sunday. We would be returning home today as well, but I still wanted to make sure our day was full of adventure.


We woke up and joined the other guests of Bear Flag Inn for one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. We socialized with the other guests until everyone, group by group said goodbye and headed out on their own paths.

We had a food and wine tasting scheduled at Castello, so we began to pack up our stuff and spent a little extra time taking photos of Bear Flag Inn’s beauty.


Now it was time to be treated like royalty. I’ve talked about the amazingness of Castello’s Food and Wine tasting before, but it was Erick’s first time having the experience. He was thrilled with it and we greatly enjoyed the experience together.

We hit it off really well with a couple who’d just gotten engaged and chatted up the entire time. We then got the special treat of being able to pick up our bottles of Sinalunga! Was practically the best birthday gift ever. I cannot wait to drink that wine. It is sitting safely in our home, but I don’t know how we will manage to wait another 20 years to open it!


As promised, we returned to Cairdean, this time for tasting instead of food. The sommelier who worked with us was really nice and chatted with us about the winery. She even told us how they had just celebrated their birthday too. It was perfect for my celebratory weekend and a perfect way to end it.

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