A Magical Adventure: My Napa Valley Birthday Weekend Part 1

Now that the year is coming to a close and things start to mellow out of the holiday celebrations, I felt like catching up on some of my more in-depth adventures I’d been better about photographing and capturing, as promised at the beginning of the year.

Without further adieu…


My original plans for my birthday was supposed to be a weekend-long trip to Disneyland. Unfortunately, as has been the case lately, it did not turn out to be financially feasible and with a long trip for it’s 60th also in store, we decided to modify my birthday plans, taking advantage of our wine club status at the Castello. I got very excited for it and put together two perfectly themed outfits. I even made some cute grape bunch shoe clips to accent each outfit. 😉

I had wanted to try something completely new and different while mixing in our familiar home of the Castello. Our first stop was at Sterling Vineyards. I’ve often heard tour guides joke about Sterling being Castello’s rival as they’re both up on hills facing each other. So why not give it a try? To join us in the morning was my dad, sister and of course, Erick. Whom have all contributed to the photos featured here. We went to Sterling and Castello and then were joined by my other two sisters and mom at the Bear Flag Inn.

The special thing about Sterling is that you need to ride a tram to get to the winery. As excited as I was about this idea, I was not too entirely sure the moment I got into the tram. So we took silly pictures in attempt to calm my nerves. My sister took a great time lapse of the trip with her phone. It makes it look pretty fun, but I was still pretty nervous, even once we got to the top.

By the time we got to the top, I was grateful that they had wine waiting for us to taste. Sterling’s winery is very beautiful, but full of stairs, so I would caution anyone interested in going to dress to their comfort level. I’m a heels person and had no problems romping down and up and up stairs, but I know some people would struggle with this.

We had quite the fun romp around Sterling and their wines were pretty tastey. We did the Sterling Silver Experience tasting and got to try three more wines in addition to the ones you get on the tour (for a total of seven or eight wines, I believe). In addition, we also ordered a meat and cheese platter to eat along with our wines to keep a happy tummy with food. I also saw a magical purse that could hold a wine bottle and when it was time to go, we were sad we couldn’t bring more wine with us. We did, however, get to keep our tasting glasses which was a very nice treat and souvenir to have as a memento.


We then moved along to an unscheduled tasting in the Il Passito room of Castello di Amorosa thanks to our membership. We also got meat and cheese platters here and spent a good portion of the afternoon hanging out and tasting fancy wines. All the staff and sommeliers were i love with my skirt.

Having well enjoyed our visit at Castello, it was time to check in to our bed and breakfast at the Bear Flag Inn. We had rented out the cottage for the night and it was just too adorable.


We met the Bear Flag family and they gave us a very warm welcome. The couple running the inn are extremely nice and friendly and the other guests staying were a fun group. It was my first time at a b&b so I didn’t know what to expect, but I know that I will for sure be returning to Bear Flag for all my future b&b needs. The Bear Flag has a complementary hor-deouvres and wine from a certain time for all of their guests and they were gracious enough to allow my family to join in the living room of the main house.


Snacking done and my mother and other two sisters having joined us, we decided to make our way to another new discovery for the weekend. Cairdean Estates, where dinner at Farmer and the Fox would be.

We arrived just in time to peek our heads into the Cairdean tasting room, but they had already finished for tastings for the evening. Erick and I resolved to return the next day to try their wines. We explored what they had to purchase and then walked on over to Farmer and the Fox for dinner. The food was simply amazing and staff was just on top of everything. As a birthday “cake” I had the butterscotch soufflĂ© and it was sooo good.


We said goodbye to my family and returned to our cottage for the evening. Upon which was a lovely and completely unexpected surprise of Mumm Napa champagne with birthday wishes from Bear Flag Inn.

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