Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween~


What a fun evening! Wine, delicious food, laughs and good times. The only thing lacking were some spooky spirits, but I was very happy settling with the liquor kind.


First we made a pit stop at Castello to pick up some cases we had previously ordered. They had these adorable barrel o’lanterns all along their paths and throughout the castle, each with it’s own face. They were just too cute not to take a picture of.


Cases collected, we made our way over to Cairdean Estate. We had dinner plans at their restaurant, The Farmer and the Fox. I had really been wanting to do their higher level tasting, so today was a good excuse! But first, I posed with their own versions of barrel o’lanterns. They were so bright orange, it was adorable, plus the one on the right really made me think of Jack Skelington.


Posing done, we headed into the tasting room for some wine! Isn’t their logo just too beautiful?


First, the Haley Margret. We really liked this one. Perfect for a fall evening!


Their chardonnay was pretty yummy too!


This pinot was pretty fruity, but quite likable.


It was really hard not to ask for seconds of this sangiovesse. Part of their new fall release, it got better with each sip. REALLY YUM!


And then finished off with this Cabernet. We actually got to try the Cabernet Franc too, but forgot to take a picture. This cab had such a nice weighty flavor, it was really good. With a nice chocolate powder bite at the end too. All the wines were extremely enjoyable.


We ended up getting a bottle of the sangio and the Haley Margret. They were our favorite pics and a couple of their logo glasses.


Tasting completed, we chilled for a moment to take some photos, record a video reflection of our visit and converse with the sommeliers. Even chatted up about their wine club.


Meanwhile, Erick explored and took some photos of the tasting room. This was one of their exclusive wine pourers they had for the season. A zombie! Too priceless. They also had a skull and a vampire.


Done in the tasting room, we made our way next door to The Farmer & the Fox. 🙂


We got treated to Apple Soda as our first small bite. A surprise and surprisingly delicious. No really. It was really really good.


Then our appetizers arrived! First, duck wings covered in bleu cheese.


And a cheese trio. Because who doesn’t get cheese in wine country?


I also got to sample and select another wine to go with my meal. I was so amused by the difference in size between the “tasting” glass and the serving glass. Hense the photo.

halloween18Then it was dinner time! I got duck and it was melt in your mouth awesomesauce. Like…seriously, so good.


There was even room for desert! I had super good pumpkin french toast something. I don’t exactly remember what it was. >.<;;


That was our Halloween! Pretty fun, huh? 😉


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