A New Wedding Update: “Are you having a costume wedding?”

With all the wedding planning, lots of questions and opinions come up. So far, I have two that are always guaranteed to be asked by friends and family and are personal favorites when asked. Even Erick has asked a variation of this first one, in fear almost, to know what my envisioned wedding was.


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…or even something similar to “Will it be a Halloween-themed wedding?” (I like to group the two together). I don’t take offense to it, and honestly, it rather amuses me. It shows both how well and how not well people know me. XD Which is never a bad thing. I love costuming, making costumes, dressing up, whatever you want to call it. But I don’t want it to completely represent who I am. Because it is not everything I do. I like to think I’m classy. Or at least have higher-class tastes. For me, costumes would take away from that elegance I dream of accomplishing for my wedding. I love seeing people pull the costume wedding off, but it’s not my thing.

Photo by Scott Snider

I love/obsess/fascinate over Halloween and nearly all it entails; costumes, decorating, scary stories, classic horror films, etc. I could do without the gore, but I am fascinated by Halloween. And if you’re only finding this out now…Hi, you must be new. 🙂 Erick asked about a Halloween wedding because that was one thing he certainly did NOT want. And I have to take his side. As unique and fun as Halloween weddings look, I think having your wedding on your favorite holiday sort of takes away from both events. This is my opinion, so if you want a Halloween wedding, yay! It’s just not for me.

So what kind of wedding AM I envisioning? Not sure yet my self, really. I love thinking it will be defined by the words fun, classy and elegant. Those are what I think when I think of us. And really, your wedding should describe you. We shall see how things play out.

Photo by Kevin Crone

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