Día de los Reyes

In celebration of Three Kings Day (Día de los Reyes), we had a small gathering at our home. Erick has always talked about doing something for it with the traditional rosca cake and after we watched the Book of Life, I insisted that we touch back on his heritage and start bringing some of the Mexican traditions and celebrations into our home. Since this holiday marks the end of the Christmas season, I thought this would be the perfect place to start.

We kept it very simple and I didn’t really create any new decorations since one part of the holiday is to “show off” all of your Christmas decor before you take it down the next day. Next year, I think I might want to get some glass star lanterns or something to add a little latin flare, but for the smallness of the event, it was just right and my normal holiday decor sufficed.


Erick made champurado (Mexican hot chocolate) and it was his best batch yet.


Our guests make rather amusing faces when someone is trying to take their photo…



One of my favorite pics I took of the evening.


IMG_6815I’m really so thankful for the crowd that made it out for the evening. I know it was a work/school night, but it was pretty impressive how many people did come and it was just right for the kind of celebration that it was. It definitely had a family vibe to it. It was one of those special reminder moments showing you all the fun and happy people you’re around and so glad to be able to get them together.


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