A New Wedding Update: Save-the-Date Dress

Since posts are gone, I get to revisit old things I talked about before. Now I can break them down a little more. Most recently, I posted about the many dresses I had for several upcoming functions in regards to the wedding. I’ve decided to discuss each dress individually, beginning with the dress that will be used the soonest.

The Save-the-Date Dress

My favorite and latest purchase as of late has been the lovely red beauty above. Now don’t get me wrong, of all the dresses I have acquired lately, my favorite is still my wedding gown. But this one is a favorite for many reasons. One is that it is from an era I think I truly should have belonged if I could have chosen what time period I could live in. I love me some historical things, but oh the fashion of the 40’s and 50’s get me every time. Two, it’s red! 🙂 Do I need anymore reasons than that?

I think this dress captures who I am in personality. As a bonus, it ties in our wedding colors. For our pictures, we decided to try to wear our colors (which are our favorite colors): Erick wearing orange (our other wedding color) and myself in red. Of course, it was difficult to find the dress. Especially since nearly all the other red dresses I found and liked/loved were unavailable in my size. This dress fits my measurements close to a “T”.

Now I realize that I didn’t need to buy a dress for our Save-the-Dates. But I decided that since I’m normally not one to splurge on my wardrobe, I could excuse myself to add to it.

Thus concludes my sitch on dress #1. Look forward to photos come September time! 😀

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