A Weekend Full of Things to be Thankful For

Our Thanksgiving was packed with a full weekend of unexpected plans and family, but certainly left us feeling thankful a grateful for all we have.


The weekend before this, we celebrated a little family gathering with Erick’s family to spend time with those that wouldn’t make it to my mom’s on Thanksgiving.


Needless to say, it was full of laughs and merry moments.

Thanksgiving at my mom’s was very busy, very loud, but still full of socializing and it seemed like everyone had a good time. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a single photo. 🙁

We were also planning to get our Christmas tree on Friday, but I had offered for my mom to join me in getting a mani pedi and it took a little longer than planned, so we ended up not doing that until Saturday.


However, Friday evening, my parents treated Erick and I to dinner and an opera, my very first, at the California Theater in San Jose. The opera was called “The Italian Girl in Algiers” and it was super funny. It was also my first opera, so I can’t compare it to another, but I really had a great time.


Needless to say, Erick and I had a lot of fun with it and got all dressed up.


Saturday, we had planned to go to Monterey, which didn’t happen, but we got to do a bunch of errands we had planned to get done over the break, so it was still a fun productive day. We bought all our tickets for the Cinemark Holiday Classic Series events (saving us a lot of money in the long run) and then we went out to lunch for all you can eat sushi.


After sushi, we picked out our tree. Erick carted it into our apartment and I got it all decked out. I ended up decorating the rest of our apartment as well.


Doesn’t our tree look beauitful?


Lastly, on Sunday, I used our first pair of tickets to watch the Polar Express. It’s not one of Erick’s favorites, so my mom went in his place and we had a lot of fun.

Overall the weekend, was packed full of things to do, even when our original plans hadn’t carried out as we hoped. It made me feel so thankful and grateful for all we have and the people around us. I can’t put it into proper words, but thinking back on the hole weekend had me feeling so good and great about the whole year, even with all it’s ups and downs.

Now, I’m feeling very into the holiday season and I have that warm Christmasy feeling inside.

I feel like I need to shake up the happiness.

You ready?

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