Geeky Things: Packing for Conventions

I don’t know why, but packing for conventions is almost as much work as dressing up and attending them. I enjoy it though. It adds to the excitement in the air that the event you’ve been waiting for is practically there. And with my excitement building for Comikaze Expo, I thought I’d share how my place looks while I attempt to pack.

My favorite is seeing all the costumes laid out to determine what’s left of the pieces to pack. Right now Elvira is in many pieces. The dress really needed some desperate cleaning and airing out and I’m still trying to figure out what will be the best way to transport the wig without it getting completely re-tangled.

Also, every room is not immune from becoming a mess while packing. /: Does anyone else have this problem? I want the place clean so when I come home I can just relax, but I always feel like I make a bigger mess.

And yet my bag is always so neat and tidy. ^^; There actually isn’t too much more to do, so that makes me happy. It’s more a matter of waiting for everything to finish drying.

So tell me friends, what are your trip preparation methods?

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