Countdown to Halloween : CHOC Charity Walk


As some of you have witnessed on my facebook page, my hubby and I took steps towards dedicating some time and fundraising towards what I feel like is a really amazing and wonderful cause.

I was feeling motivated to join this walk when I received information about an Annual Passholder’s team. Then talk of it sprouted within a FB group of fellow Disneyland Brides. When talks of forming a team got serious, I was 100% behind it and my darling-dearest encouraged me to go for it and participate.

I’ve had close friends participate in the Avon Walk before, where it is required that walkers raise $800 in order to participate. I was a little worried about how much the CHOC would require walkers to fundraise. Much to my surprise, we discovered that my hubbs and I both had to raise a mere $50 in order to participate in the walk. We had fantastic and generous friends and family who not only helped us reach our goals, but also helped reach beyond it. And I am very much looking forward to taking those steps on Sunday.

Below is one of many of their inspiring videos of the walk participants and the resort.

One thing I’m very happy about is that we can still accept donations all the way through until the end of October! If this sounds like a worthy cause to you, please feel free to check out our fundraising pages through the links below and consider donating as little as $5 towards this really really amazing cause.

Ladydragon’s Page

Don Banchou’s Page

And I’m sure some of you are trying to find out how this is Halloween-related…well, it’s not really, but do expect photos from a Halloweenie Disneyland to follow thanks to the walk. But what is Halloween for? One of the first things that comes to mind are the trick-or-treaters going from door to door. The children are what keep the spirit of the holiday alive. Why not give a little back to them?

Is there a Halloween-related/themed charity you donate to?

Please share! It’s a really great way to network really great causes!


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