Countdown to Halloween : Vampire Fashionista


Yas’s was the first Monster Fashionista I sketched out randomly before the idea actually formed. So her design is much less complex than the other gals. It’s still cute, but not as…over the top, I suppose. Not sure if I’m thrilled with the colors, but it was what kicked off the fashionistas so I owe her that much! 😉

Like with Oran as a werewolf, I also did a miniature version of Yas’ full outfit.


Sort of Morticia Addams inspired with a bat wing-like cape. Like Oran, Yas takes her inspiration obviously. But if it’s really not and I’m interpreting it differently, she’s a Vampire/Dracula couture.

What monster would you like to see a couture version of?


2 observations on “Countdown to Halloween : Vampire Fashionista
    1. Ladydragon Queen

      Thanks! Glad you think so. I guess…I was more concerned with the background clashing, but I enjoyed that you related the color of her dress to dried blood. 😉

      Oh, I love the idea of a couture Medusa! That could be a lot of fun.


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