Inspiration Instants: Interviews AS Elvira?

Now, I’m not being interviewed being considered the real Elvira, but I’ve had a couple occurrences where I’ve been interviewed while dressed as Elvira. Although it’s not something I look for, it is most certainly an ego boost. ^^;

This interview is from last year’s Comikaze Expo. I think the thing that sticks out most in my mind when I think of this interview is that I honestly had no clue what is mask was from. (We were an Alien family, not Predator. Can you blame me?)

And honestly? Every time I watch this one, I go, “Oh my word. Look at that costume.”

I’d say it takes less confidence to wear it than it does to wear it and not care what other people are going to say. I won’t lie, it’s a racy costume. Very racy. And that’s one reason why I’ll never add co-workers to my facebook.

And since I have you watching videos anyways, interested in seeing my first one? Two interviews in one year, a break-through for my cosplay recognition. ^^; Nothing like Courtney’s rep, but that’s not why I wear my costumes. 😉

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