Bride’s Log : Day Zero : A Rocky Start

Welcome to the first Bride’s Log of the voyage known as our wedding. Buckle up, it’s going to be quite the adventure.

The weekend before we left for Anaheim area, it felt like someone was trying to play a very mean joke on us.

I tried on my dress for the last time before the wedding, feeling like I hated it. Discovered a MAJOR mistake on our programs that required me to reprint all of the covers. Not only that, but we had many family members wanting to meet up before we left, my mother-in-law included, of whom I was really glad we took the time to visit. Not only was it a great step away, but she really helped me out with the Spanish programs I had yet to of gotten around to print. We finished up running errands, but even then, I felt like we’d forgotten a lot. Picked up my dad’s and Erick’s tux. Bought more ink and paper for the programs, of which I later came to the decision of bringing the printer with us to complete the programs because it was not happening over the span of the weekend.

We also got a lovely surprise from our cats. Well, more like the stray cats that like to hang out on our patio gave a gift to our cats. A full blown flea infestation. We had given the cats flea medication on Friday night in the hopes that they would be flea-free by the time we had to drop them off on Sunday, only to discover they were still heavily infested and unable to be checked-in to the pet hotel because of it. Turns out the medication we bought takes a week to activate and with neither the pet hotel offering flea baths nor any local groomers offering flea baths for cats, we had to take them home and give them a Dawn bath, apply new medicine (that the pet hotel said works faster), and flea bomb our apartment.

All this happening the night before we’re supposed to leave on the trip for our wedding.

We ended up deciding to take the cats first thing on Monday and get all of our things packed up so we can leave after dropping off the cats whom are hopefully flea-free in the morning.

Overall, an exhausting weekend and not exactly the start I had hoped for to our wedding week.

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