Day Trip to Disneyland (36 hour trip, really)

Still trying to get on track, but as promised, here’s my report from our “quick” little adventure down to Disneyland last weekend.

Disneyland, as always, was AWESOME. It’s super hard for me not to have a good time, and when I’m not having one, it actually has nothing to do with the Magic Kingdom its self. And I have to admit I wasn’t the greatest travel companion this time around. I was super grouchy because I was running on pretty much zero from the work week and was a bit snappy with everyone we were traveling with. >.<;;; “Rawr rawr rawr,” I’m sure I sounded like. Erick caught a perfect shot when I was being crabby…


Anywhos! It was a blast. For the first time in going to Disneyland since I’ve been aware, we parked in the parking structure. With our annual passes, we got free parking! It was awesome. And that’s where the perks began…



Now the sole and main purpose of this trip was to activate our annual passes that we had recently purchased online. Now the catch for annual passes is that you can’t cash in on any of the perks unless you activate your pass. So this was our first stop – to head to the Disneyland gates and activate them. And here we are being proud Disneyland annual passport holders! XD



We spent a good portion of the day going between both parks. Honestly? We didn’t stop. We took a little twenty-minute break at one point to eat lunch and then a little later in the evening to have a snack in Downtown Disney. But those were our only breaks. We were constantly moving. And having a lot of fun at the same time, of course!



Speaking of our snackage in Downtown Disney, it is now official that Erick and I cannot go to Disneyland without ordering some beignets. They are very heavenly treats. One of my favorites in the Disneyland resort. And what are beignets? Watch Princess and the Frog and that powdered doughnut they’re always eating and referencing to is what a beignet is.



This trip was also my first time actually experiencing night time in Disneyland. I want to do it again and take a ton more pictures! It’s a TOTALLY different experience from the parks during the day. Every thing was all lit up like a carnival, it was astounding! And I was like… “More magic~!” So we took a picture. And stayed until the park closed.



Our next trip to Disneyland will be at the beginning of June. I don’t know if I can wait until then!






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