A New Wedding Update: Collecting RSVPs


I’d have to say, if I could pick one thing to be the most challenging of the entire wedding process, it would most certainly be getting those RSVPs. If a wedding doesn’t make you realize how disconnected people are from each other and even common decency, I don’t know what will.

  • We had a track record of 17 invitations get returned to us because of incorrect addresses or lack of being notified of change of address or even the post office claiming that the address did not exist (which in some cases were very ironic because people did not complain about not receiving their Save-the-Date.)
  • Erick and I both had people whom were not even on our invite list asking us why their invitation had not arrived.
  • I am still attempting to reach 20 families whom either their phone numbers were wrong/not in service or their email address is no longer in use. Which means the only means of contact I have is via their mailing address. What a pickle.
  • We had people think that if their RSVP was not in the mail by the deadline, they would be automatically uninvited from the wedding. (a new one for me, but it happened from both families and with friends)
  • I had to resort to contacting people through Facebook because I have no alternative contact.

If there was one thing that really made me feel like we as human beings are not as connected as we once were before is the simple fact that I had to resort to reaching out to people through social media. It kind of bugged me…a lot.


2 observations on “A New Wedding Update: Collecting RSVPs
  1. Kathy

    I apologize for my part in this. I remember how frustrating it is to send/give invitations and not receive a response. With a destination wedding, multiplies this by 100 times or more! Sorry I will not be able to make it. If I could live in LA from March 14 to April 1, I could get everything I want to accomplish- like attending your wedding. Alas, more to do than money and time to do it in. 🙂

    1. Ladydragon Queen

      Don’t worry about it! I know everyone has their lives. Our wedding is just one small day in all our time together. At least I was able to contact you. I have some people that I ONLY have their mailing address for, so there is no way to quickly contact them should I need to.


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