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A New Wedding Update: One year down, one more and three months to go!

Yesterday, in addition to Christmas, we celebrated one year of being engaged. I still think how fortunate it is that we still have all this time before the wedding. Our relationship has changed a lot, but, of course it has been for the better.


I’ve spent a year fussing over silly wedding details and ridiculous drama, and you know what? That’s a-okay! We’re probably going to get more drama later, I’m sure, but oh well. I’m happy with all that’s happened. Erick and I have had a chance to learn even more about each other and our families as well. I wouldn’t change it to be any other way.

I feel super done with wedding details. Not like I can’t stand them, but that I think we’ve flushed out most of them. Nearly everything is actually in order other than a few minor details. I mean, I suppose that makes sense! I’ve had a year to really think and discuss with Erick what it is we want in our vision. And we haven’t procrastinated with deciding upon those things that people probably think we could have put off until now. Instead, now we have a whole year to mostly relax.

Tinsel Things

It’s Christmas time here at the soon-to-be Celaya home! But first, a fun Christmas treat! XD

[audio:|titles=One More Christmas Beer by Sunny Sweetey]

Despite the somewhat more raunchy holiday song, it’s not actually defining how I feel. Mostly. XD I’m happy to be spending both Christmas days with our varied family. We’re jumping around from family to family yet again this year, but you know what? I’m not feeling too remorseful nor regretful. I’m grateful.

Yesterday was spend at my soon-to-be mother-in-law’s home where we celebrated with my soon-to-be father-in-law’s family. Today we’ll head over to spend time with my Yiayia, aunt, and my parents and siblings. Not what I originally intended, but I was struck with the Christmas spirit just in the nick of time. I feel like someone sprinkled me with some tinsel so now everything is shining and silvery. Every get that feeling?


I hope everyone is feeling the Christmas cheer. Spread the tinsel around your friends and family. May you find happiness today!

So dear friends, do you still believe?

Trinket Things

Erick bought me the COOLEST decoration for our tree this year and I absolutely love it!


How do I get so lucky to have such a wonderful man?

Have you seen this decoration at Hallmark? It is too adorable! It’s this little radio and when you turn the dial to the next day, it gives you a news report from the North Pole.

‘Tis Tree Tuesday

Or should I say Tree Tuesday? Today, I’d like to talk about our Christmas Tree! So…trees, traditions, and…well gifts!

Last year, Erick and I picked out our very first Christmas tree together. (love all the T’s? Totally unintentional) It wasn’t anything huge or unique or outrageously decked out, but it was special to us. Christmas last year was our first family holiday we got to spend together at what we consider home. Well, at least a small portion of it. Thanksgiving was spent apart and New Year’s was spent with my sisters and folks. It was fun because we got to begin experimenting with our own traditions and sort of start to break free from family bonds (even though we jumped between both families over the two days). It was symbolic because I also received a proposal under that very tree. A gift that can’t be topped, and made Christmas even more meaningful.

This year, we have a new tree. I hope we begin another tradition too. I can’t wait to see what happens around our new tree this year.

Inspiration Instants: Tis the Season

For ghost stories and fun decorations. But I just HAD to, it’s called payback for playing Christmas music full blast in the store two days BEFORE Halloween. We can officially start decorating, everyone.

Just FYI, if you click on the image, it will take you to the image Shoebox had to replace this awesome one with…which is still equally amusing. And sums up my experience this year well. XD

A New Wedding Update: His or Her family for the Holidays?

So I read this article a week or two ago and it really sat with me. I’m curious on all your perspectives.

Where to Spend the Holidays | Bridal Guide

I’ve seen the holidays bring a lot of tension to my parent’s marriage and to other family’s. I’ve seen it bring some tension in our own relationship.

I’m starting to think the best solution is to say once the “I do’s” have been said to cut ties with families and say “It’s time to make our own traditions for our family.”

I want to hear though, what has worked for you?