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That’s Life: Tricky Things


That might actually be a positive spin to all the “wonderful” things happening within my past week. I mean, nothing is completely horrendous, and I’m probably being more of a snob by complaining about all these things, but there it is. Sometimes, people are just….well…as I like to say, Life happens.

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That’s Life: Goodbye, Little Blue: An Unusual Obituary

On April 21st, we were part of a three car accident.

As you can see from the photo, the damage did not look too severe, especially compared to the other two.¬†My car was the only one of the three to be able to drive away. How fortunate we were. However, since we involved the police, we really weren’t able to do much about repairs until one of the insurance companies involved got hold of the police report.

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That’s Life: Hippo Birdie, Papa Bear

I know we’ve never gone fishing, but this song does make me think of us. The many conversations we’d have growing up as you challenged my mind to help it grow and¬†flourish. I certainly didn’t think much of it then, it was just a cool time I got to talk and feel like I was treated like a “grown-up” and they are the memories that I cherish most.

Happy birthday, Dad.