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Adventure a Day: Days 271-280

My Favorite Adventure:


Although I’ve sewn many a thing this year, this skirt was definitely one of my favorites. I loved the whole sexiness of it and the train was just to die for. I was in love and still am. Trying to find an excuse to wear this skirt somewhere soon.

Adventure a Day: Days 261-270

My Favorite Adventure:IMG_6026


Adventure a Day: Days 251-260

My Favorite Adventure:IMG_5679


Adventure a Day: Days 241-250

My Favorite Adventure:


Adventure a Day: Days 231-240

This was a batch of food days. There are very few days that did not involve food. I was pretty hungry. Also, I got three fillings fixed, played video games with my family and received a really awesome Halloween treat from my hubby.

My Favorite Adventure:


This was hard to pick! I really had fun with the food runs and the food tryings and the sewing, but I had seen this Betsey Johnson necklace a little while ago and had wanted to buy it, but it sold out. Erick surprised me with it and I’ve worn it quite often since.

Adventure a Day: Days 221-230

Once August was in full swing, I was well into full Halloween mode. I put out decor, I worked on an animated video that was Halloween themed. But I also took time for delicious wine, food and fun times. My favorite had to be going to the beach so my hubby could do some camera practice.

My Favorite Adventure:


We found this cute little secluded beach which also had a butterfly sanctuary and tide pools, run around taking photos, ate delicious foods and lazed about in the sun. It was even warm enough to go play in the water. I’m eager to share the photos Erick took, but will wait for him to work on editing them.