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26 of 31 : Is this the end?!

Celebrating 5 years of Halloween Countdowns through the Cryptkeeper’s Countdown to Halloween

Selling at Fairs : Why NOT to Get Discouraged

I’ve been working really hard on close to all my spare moments on my side business that I’m slowly trying to shift more and more into the public eye. I have spent hours researching tips to business success. I whittled away hours on Pinterest for advice on craft fairs, booth set up and what people wished they had known going into their first fair. The irony of it all?

It didn’t really matter because the fair its self was just the wrong one for my product.

Wrong audience. Wrong focus. Wrong place.

And there is NO WAY to know that fact unless you are planning years in advance to scout out one particular fair and how they handle their vendors, where they put them, watch how interested the targeted crowd are in shopping with the art vendors. And guess what? Events are usually switching things up each year. Very rarely is it the same thing every year so it’s nearly impossible to predict what to expect the next year.


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Sixteen Goals for Twenty-Sixteen

In order for there to be highlights each year, there need to be goals, right? I’ve put a lot of thought into how I want this year to be different than the previous. We should always strive to make it better, more adventure-filled, more magical and that’s exactly what I intend to do. I’m excited to put these things onto my To-Dos for two thousand sixteen.

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