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A Weekend Full of Things to be Thankful For

Our Thanksgiving was packed with a full weekend of unexpected plans and family, but certainly left us feeling thankful a grateful for all we have.


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Thanksgiving Things

Well, missed Monday’s Macabre post so today, I’ll make up for it with lots of pictures! Cause who doesn’t love pictures? XD

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A New Wedding Update: His or Her family for the Holidays?

So I read this article a week or two ago and it really sat with me. I’m curious on all your perspectives.

Where to Spend the Holidays | Bridal Guide

I’ve seen the holidays bring a lot of tension to my parent’s marriage and to other family’s. I’ve seen it bring some tension in our own relationship.

I’m starting to think the best solution is to say once the “I do’s” have been said to cut ties with families and say “It’s time to make our own traditions for our family.”

I want to hear though, what has worked for you?

Thankful Things

I complain a lot. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not thankful for all the things I have. And with the holiday for being thankful for what you have is only two days away, I thought I’d share what it is I am thankful for. Why not jump on the bandwagon?

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