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A New Wedding Update: Wedding Colors

If you haven’t guessed by now, I decided to make this week wedding week on the blog. I had to get it off my chest for a while, so I figured, let’s filter it into the blog. Haha! Distractions!

As a web/graphic designer, I find colors to be such fun. So I was really up to the challenge when we decided to have our favorite colors,¬†red and orange, be our wedding colors. These are usually fall colors, but we decided on a wintertime wedding. Bigger issues? We like fall-ish variations of red and orange. How should we avoid “fall”?

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A New Wedding Update: “Are you having a costume wedding?”

With all the wedding planning, lots of questions and opinions come up. So far, I have two that are always guaranteed to be asked by friends and family and are personal favorites when asked. Even Erick has asked a variation of this first one, in fear almost, to know what my envisioned wedding was.


Photo by Shari Photography

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A New Wedding Update: Save-the-Date Dress

Since posts are gone, I get to revisit old things I talked about before. Now I can break them down a little more. Most recently, I posted about the many dresses I had for several upcoming functions in regards to the wedding. I’ve decided to discuss each dress individually, beginning with the dress that will be used the soonest.

The Save-the-Date Dress

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