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This was my November jam and what fun it is. I just love the upbeat attitude of this song and it carried me and my emotions quite well through November. Helping me keep inspired for formulating plans for and into the new year. I’m quite excited for what music discovery I’ll make in December. 😉

Play That Song

Despite the business of October and October postings, that doesn’t mean, I didn’t manage to find some musical inspiration outside of my frequent haunting tunes I refer to during one of my favorite times of the year. If you don’t know me, I simply ADORE Train. I love and have loved them for well onto fifteen years now. They are a band that consistently surprises me with each new song they release. I will continue to love them for a very long time. It was no surprise when they released their newest song, that it would strike a cord with me, even with it’s release just before the Halloween season. The under-melody of this song is an old one and one of the very first melodies I learned how to play on the piano. It was hard not to become inspired. Thanks, Train. 🙂


So things were beginning to settle down in my life, but it was just so very routine and I was just feeling pretty exhausted after work, let alone trying to prepare for the Halloween count down. It sounds kind of boring, but this really was what my month summed up to.

This song showed up on my Facebook feed and it helped bring my energy back up for the reminder of the month. Go Mikey Wax. 🙂 I’m happy it was there and brought good rhythm to the dullness of routine.

Now…it’s time for October.



Even though I tried to muster through July with as brave a face as I could muster, I was still a bit discouraged although I really couldn’t put it into words that would be easy to explain to family and friends without having them fussing over me or trying to talk it out.

This month made me think of how my current boss mentioned while I interviewed with her that I would need time to transition from one job to another. I would essentially be going through a job form of “grief”. At that time of my interview, I thought nothing of it. I hated my old job and was very eager to move on and experience the relief from what I’d experienced, but that “grief” must have been what manifested in August and it was rough.

Then I stumbled across this song. And although my situation was no where near to the point that one of this band’s members had experienced, it certainly called and was a reminder that it was ok for me to just let it out and say whatever, even if I didn’t quite know how. Of course, I don’t act on it, but it’s always good to have the reminder that I should if needed.

That was August. Rather uneventful, yet busy and emotion-filled all at once.

Pocket Full of Gold

Continuing the streak of American Authors (whom must be my new spirit animal), This song came with good timing. I had my first experience representing my business at a county fair with not such awesome results, started a new job which left me, at first, very nervous and leery with how things were first kicking off, and dealing with a bit of distressful news regarding one of my cats and the vet not really being able to give answers to her condition without performing a very expensive ultra sound that, thanks to starting my new job at the time, I could not afford to have done.

This song came at a prime moment. This newest album was released on the weekend of my fair and carried me through the month, helping me regroup, reinvent, and restart. This song reminded me that we wish for all these things or plan for things to go perfectly and smoothly, but we don’t have to get caught up on what was done or happened. We just have to accept that things didn’t go well, but we don’t have to stop there.

It’s definitely a beat a I can dance to.

Selling at Fairs : Why NOT to Get Discouraged

I’ve been working really hard on close to all my spare moments on my side business that I’m slowly trying to shift more and more into the public eye. I have spent hours researching tips to business success. I whittled away hours on Pinterest for advice on craft fairs, booth set up and what people wished they had known going into their first fair. The irony of it all?

It didn’t really matter because the fair its self was just the wrong one for my product.

Wrong audience. Wrong focus. Wrong place.

And there is NO WAY to know that fact unless you are planning years in advance to scout out one particular fair and how they handle their vendors, where they put them, watch how interested the targeted crowd are in shopping with the art vendors. And guess what? Events are usually switching things up each year. Very rarely is it the same thing every year so it’s nearly impossible to predict what to expect the next year.


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