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Jumpin’ Jukebox: I’m in love with a Monster

Since I had heard that Fifth Harmony was doing a song for Hotel Transylvania 2, I was excited. When I found out the title, I was over the moon! It wasn’t just a remix of a song they’ve done previously like what was done for Hotel Transylvania with Becky G’s “Problem”. (Not that it wasn’t cute, but a whole original song from Becky G that was monster-based would have been preferable to me…)

Anyways, If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this video, please do! It’s beyond adorable and I just love the catchyness of the song. Plus seeing the girls all Monster flirty is just to die for.


Need to own this song yesterday? You can purchase it on iTunes!

Sixteen more days until Halloween~

Jumpin’ Jukebox: Rotten to the Core

It’s October first, my fellow boos! Are you ready for this count down? I know that I am! Well, nearly. I haven’t quite gotten up to par as originally desired, but I have it all nearly planned out. Let’s do this!

It’s hard not to hop on the Descendants train. The music is catchy, the concept is super fun and the main characters are too adorable for words. It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but it would definitely be Evie. And Sofia Carson’s solo version of Rotten to the Core is just too fun.

Check it out!

Have you checked out this series yet? I’m totally in love. I really hope that there will be plans for more movies because the little shorts on Disney Channel are just not enough.

Thirty more days until Halloween~

2 Days to Halloween: We Are Monster High


Three years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to what is now my most longest-running themed addiction when it comes to collecting things. She showed me this video and I was hooked. This year, they released a new movie for the Halloween season, and I have to say, not only was it awesome, but the new theme song is rather catchy!

3 (5) Days to Halloween: Ghoul Friend


I still haven’t decided how much I love the new Mickey shorts. They’re somewhat modernized to appeal to our now-a-days youngsters,  but they do have their own charm.  One in particular caught my eye and was perfect for the holiday season.

3 Days to Halloween: Scary Legs


I couldn’t resist. Besides, who doesn’t love Simon’s Cat?

23 Days to Halloween: Deathigner


One of my sisters just showed this video to me about an hour ago and it is just the cutest thing ever! Especially since I really wasn’t sure what to post today. This was just too perfect. You have to watch it to enjoy.

But in a nutshell, what happens when the children of different death reapers from around the world go to school? Watch and find out! 😀

Deathigner from Deathigner on Vimeo.