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I Won’t Let You Down

I made some very huge decisions in May. I put in my resignation notice to my work. I interviewed somewhere. Got hired at a place I’m very eager to start working with in July. Prepped like a crazy lady for the County Fair my side business will be attending over the Fourth of July holiday. There were lots of things happening and although the majority of it was extremely exciting, some of it was a little nerve-wracking.

M-Train was rather helpful in reminding me that I have to have the right attitude for myself to keep it going. All these changes are going to be for great things, I’m sure of it. And I cannot wait to keep pushing myself forward!

I’m Born to Run

This song makes me want to hit the road and really go all out in what I can do and discover. I absolutely love it. Ironically, it fit my birthday weekend celebrating quite nicely as we just ran with what I wanted and we justified much by the fact of even though we would plan more in the future, that was no excuse to skip something I might want to give a try. What made it ironic was that I discovered this song on our drive home from Napa.

The rest of the month was no exception. I got my business certified in name and got accepted to feature as an artist at a Napa county fair. I had a very promising interview and just all sorts of things. It was very exciting.

So get out there and do something unexpected. Never stop. 🙂

Try Everything

I’ve been really trying my hand at a lot of different things and I decided that I shouldn’t be so afraid of things not working out within the span of March. Although I was already pretty familiar with this song prior to it’s fame from Zootopia’s release, it ended up speaking to me a lot, regardless; continually reminding me not to despair over things not working out just right. If fit for a lot of what was going on in March. We made our best of it and April is already off to a very satisfying leap.

It’s Not Right For You

February was a month of…life. Especially towards the forefront of it. From returning back to school and my classes jumping into full swing, my decision to start an ambitious project and some personal friction with my day job, The Script’s “It’s Not Right For You” spoke volumes to my perturbed and conflicted heart. Not only that, it just spoke the truth to anyone who might be unhappy with how their life might be turning in a direction they feel they might not have control over.

So I took all my frustrations of February, crumpled them into a ball and hope that March will render a time of excitement in opposition to how this month was and lead me to the next song to set my life rhythm to, reminding myself that I do have the power to make my life better.

Middle of Starting Over

2016 is definitely a year of deep reflections and re-imaginings. All at the same time, it’s almost like a guiding power above is throwing songs in my direction that are bringing out more of the aforementioned. We’ll see if that continues to happen.

For January, Sabrina Carpenter’s “The Middle of Starting Over” was my theme song. Lots of things happened this month that made me feel like I needed to do a lot of things over and go back and try again. I attended orientation for a local community college with the intention to go back to school and get some sort of degree. This choice sparked me in reassessing my current career choice. It’s still under evaluation, but it’s definitely been a personal reflection time and led me to February’s song discovery. More on that later for sure.

For now, I’ll leave you with this fun and inspiring song that makes you just want to go back and try things all over again. 😉

Jumpin’ Jukebox: The Halloween Song

I LOVE Bing Crosby. It’s very hard not to. That voice and charm, every time, makes my toes curl. Although some of his most famous songs are Christmas related, he was apparently quite the lover of Halloween time too. If you aren’t aware, he was the voice of Ichabod Crane and sang the infamous “Headless Horseman” ditty we all love and cherish.

One special bit I came across last year was a song Bing sang with Victor Moore and Boris Karloff. It’s called “the Halloween Song” and premiered on Philco Radio on October 29th, 1947. It’s endearing, charming and not something you’ll hear on the typical Halloween playlist!


If you are interested in getting your hands on this adorable little ditty, you can purchase it on iTunes or on Amazon.

Sixty-five more mnutes until Halloween~