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Inspiration Instants: The Best Halloween Prop EVER

That I wish I had been old enough to buy one for myself. /:

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Inspiration Instants: Elviras of Events Past

I think if I could only cosplay one costume for the rest of my life, it would be Elvira. I adore that costume and I love that every time I wear it, not only is it a huge hit, I’m constantly improving it.

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Inspiration Instants: Skylanders

geek | gēk |
noun – informal
• a person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest

Today’s Obsession Share: Skylanders

We started this game of mystery and intrigue over the weekend. If you judged from the photo, I’d like to say perhaps we have become just a little obsessed in such a short time… ^^;

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Inspiration Instants: Halloween in the Movies

Didn’t post on Friday because I was busy with tying up the loose ends with my car. But I’m back today with another topic of favor, and one that hasn’t been touched since the “reset” of the blog.

I’ve been looking forward to the oncoming slot of new movies coming out just because a lot of the ones I’ve been interested in seeing follow in the footsteps of having a Halloweenie theme or at least focus on creatures that you would associate with Halloween.

This month of June has one film both Erick and I have been greatly looking forward to.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Despite it’s somewhat ridiculous plot, we are very interested in seeing this. It looks fun. What more of an excuse do you need? I think people take movies too seriously and forget that they’re meant for entertainment. This movie, I think, will really fall into this category. Plus, by Tim Burton. 🙂 I liked Dark Shadows, so looking forward to how enjoyable this one will be.

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Inspiration Instants: Pinterest

Have you seen what might be old, might be new, but is most certainly a new addition of mine? If you haven’t been on Pintrest and you like finding cool unique images, I suggest you click your little mouse over there!


I am SO addicted to this website, it isn’t even funny. I’m abusing it for wedding inspirations, Halloween decor ideas, food recipes I want to try, or even bookmarking my favorite funnies. I didn’t know this website existed until March-ish, and it has been awesome. You can find images of nearly anything you might be interested in. I love it.

And hey, if I intrigued you enough, you can follow my pins too!

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