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Graduation Gallivant 2015

After participating in a program that took me three years of hard work to complete, I decided to throw myself a little party to celebrate my achievement. This was my first time completing an education program since my high school graduation, so it was a big deal to me and I wanted to have some fun with it.


On Friday, I attended the graduation ceremony and received my certificate of completion. Nothing much to share that is unusual for a graduation ceremony. There were smiles and hugs and congrats and all that jazz.

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Producing a Champagne Courtship

One thing that I sincerely love about planning a party is the research and idea collecting that comes with it. I can only say how happy I am that such a thing as Pinterest exists today. I do not know how my mom came up with all the ideas and plans she did for all of our many parties in my youth, but thank heavens for Pinterest. You might not always find what you’re looking for, but it’s a great place to start with a base and even just hold on to something that sounded really neat and you can rely on later. Plus there’s less of a chance of misplacing or loosing your notes.

And for me, with our original anniversary party plans, it was a life saver! Now, our plans are very much changed, unfortunately, but I thought I should share what I’ve gathered together.

According to the internet, not too many people have thrown a Princess Bride themed party. I found a couple wedding photo shoots and some loosely themed wedding plans, but to my surprise, this isn’t such a popular theme. I spent a good week of internet and pinterest searching and it was quite the challenge to find some variety.

If anyone happens to be interested in planning a Princess Bride party yourself, here’s my pinterest board with all that I found helpful or inspiring when it came to theming a party after the movie. Or maybe you’re looking for a last minute romantic evening at home plan for Valentine’s day. This could work too! 😉

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Día de los Reyes

In celebration of Three Kings Day (Día de los Reyes), we had a small gathering at our home. Erick has always talked about doing something for it with the traditional rosca cake and after we watched the Book of Life, I insisted that we touch back on his heritage and start bringing some of the Mexican traditions and celebrations into our home. Since this holiday marks the end of the Christmas season, I thought this would be the perfect place to start.

We kept it very simple and I didn’t really create any new decorations since one part of the holiday is to “show off” all of your Christmas decor before you take it down the next day. Next year, I think I might want to get some glass star lanterns or something to add a little latin flare, but for the smallness of the event, it was just right and my normal holiday decor sufficed. Read More

Clue: the Rules

(Loving the layout’s use of integrating the featured image function. It’s way too much fun!)

I’ve talked a lot about the Clue Carousal and what it entailed and what was work got put into it, but I don’t think I ever actually shared the rules of our game. So I’m sharing for prosperity’s sake. Don’t make any plans after if you’re wanting to play this game for real. It is quite intense. I still haven’t made it through the whole movie and I’ve played it three times.

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Clue Carousal 2014


The Clue Carousal was a major success for our first party in our new apartment! We ended up having a total of 18 guests. Since Erick and I started our own parties, I’ve never had such a great turn out. It was an awesome feeling. Not only that, at the end, lots of people were asking for more in the future, which made me feel really good.

When I got up this morning, people were already talking about last night on Facebook. Someone even shared a quote from yours truly trying our party’s very bad selection of tequila for the shots portion of the game, “Who hasn’t had a shot of that tequila? Okay, you have to take a shot. It’s TERRIBLE.”

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…with the Dagger


Tomorrow is the big event! We are so excited and super ready for the first event to be hosted in our new place. And even though not everyone we invited could make it, we are having a reasonable turn out of 20 guests. I’m very pleased with how all our plans are coming together.

I know that it may seem silly to some people to put so much planning into it all, but I think it’s all those small details that really make a party memorable.