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Trip to St. Louis: Air Travels & Visiting the Zoo

We had such an eventful trip, I decided to break it into two parts. Check pack for part two later. 😉

As I mentioned last week, we took a trip to St. Louis to meet our potential photo/video crew for wedding stuffs. We decided it would be a great chance to turn it into a vacation as well. Making it a laid-back stress-free trip overall.

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Inspiration Instants: Friday the 13th

So we made it through our second Friday 13th of the year with little trouble. I loved that my fiance turned to me at one point during our air travels and commented on the fact that we were traveling on the thirteenth. I just laughed and said “I know”.

We made it safety to and from St. Louis, so it must not have been as unlucky as it could have been…


So how did your Friday the 13th go?

A New Wedding Update: Photographer/Videographer Visit

This Friday, we’ll be heading down to Saint Louis to meet our potential photo/video team. I know that a lot of people think us a little crazy traveling from California to Missouri just for a wedding vendor team, but to us, it’s important. This part of our wedding is what we are considering the number one thing we are willing to splurge and go crazy on.


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