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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part VIII : Room Reveal

We had the pleasure of getting to see the reception room before all of our guests. It was really neat to have the chance to take in all the details before everyone else got to enjoy them.

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part VII : Cocktail Hour

After the pictures were all taken, we got to jump right into the festivities with our guests and got to enjoy some of the very yummy delicious food we had asked to be prepared. Meanwhile, we had arranged for a special entertainment for our guests while they enjoyed the hor douvres and cocktails…

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part VI : Post Ceremony & Photos

Ceremony completed, it was time to take some pics with the family and have some fun with the wedding party!

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part V : “I do” Time

The moment we’d been counting down for! Lots of laughter, fun, and my favorite vows of all time. 🙂 I got pretty lazy this time around, so no words, just pictures.

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part IV : Time for Some Disney Magic

The morning quickly became the past as I left the limo, did our first look and checked into the magic that is the Adventureland Suite. I considered the worst behind me, there was no reason not to be on a happy high.

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part III : The Bridezilla Moment

This was the limo ride of breaking points. I was just having an unbelievably challenging time having fun by this time and starting to feel like I was going to be sick. Maybe it was nerves, maybe disappointment from getting ready. I’ll never know. I just know that this ride was saved by quite the dose of Disney magic. 🙂

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