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A Magical Adventure: My Napa Valley Birthday Weekend Part 2

To check out the first half of the weekend beginning Saturday, go here!

Our Saturday was very full and kept us busy. Luckily, I’d planned for a much more mellow and laid-back Sunday. We would be returning home today as well, but I still wanted to make sure our day was full of adventure.


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A Magical Adventure: My Napa Valley Birthday Weekend Part 1

Now that the year is coming to a close and things start to mellow out of the holiday celebrations, I felt like catching up on some of my more in-depth adventures I’d been better about photographing and capturing, as promised at the beginning of the year.

Without further adieu…


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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part XII : End of the Party

We did some more mingling, but our crowd quickly dwindled. Especially once the bouquet and garter were tossed. Those that kept the party alive kept it alive until the end and it was really fun to get to mingle a little more intimately with people in a relaxed the-party’s-almost-over setting.

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part XI : Special Guests

I knew it was coming. Our DJ and DoC had even come along right before to give us a heads up that it was happening. None-the-less, I still got extremely excited. The little extra pixie dust I’d been waiting to sprinkle on our guests was happening!

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part X : Toasts, Dancing & Cake Cutting

Hilarious yet also extremely memorable toasts, dances with our parents and an entertaining cake cutting, this party was well on it’s way. Extra dancing was even snuck in here and there.

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part IX : Reception Entrance, First Dance & Food


After the room reveal, we were getting pretty excited. The DJ announced to the crowd that it was time to be seated and they opened the doors to our guests. Meanwhile, our DoC collected us together on the other side and brought us about when our guests had all entered into the room.

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