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Comikaze 2012 Coverage: Sunday

Day two was a little less eventful. There were plans to attend just one panel and the rest of the time was used to enjoy and peruse the exhibit hall.

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Comikaze 2012 Coverage: Saturday

There is too much to say about this convention and yet I have so little to report. /: Hopefully next year, I will have more to say, but may what I have be enough to satisfy you until then. 🙂

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Geeky Things: Packing for Conventions

I don’t know why, but packing for conventions is almost as much work as dressing up and attending them. I enjoy it though. It adds to the excitement in the air that the event you’ve been waiting for is practically there. And with my excitement building for Comikaze Expo, I thought I’d share how my place looks while I attempt to pack.

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Upcoming Trips: Excitement for Comikaze 2012

Comikaze Expo is only two weeks away. I cannot wait for it! And so, in my excitement, I put together a video lat week expressing such. Enjoy!

What event(s) remaining in the 2012 year are you looking forward to?

Inspiration Instants: Interviews AS Elvira?

Now, I’m not being interviewed being considered the real Elvira, but I’ve had a couple occurrences where I’ve been interviewed while dressed as Elvira. Although it’s not something I look for, it is most certainly an ego boost. ^^;

This interview is from last year’s Comikaze Expo. I think the thing that sticks out most in my mind when I think of this interview is that I honestly had no clue what is mask was from. (We were an Alien family, not Predator. Can you blame me?)

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