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A New Wedding Update: Engagement Dress

Wasting time again. Am I driving anyone crazy yet? Making up for lost posts. Just kidding. But I’m in a blogging mood today.

The Engagement Party Dress

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Inspiration Instants: Pinterest

Have you seen what might be old, might be new, but is most certainly a new addition of mine? If you haven’t been on Pintrest and you like finding cool unique images, I suggest you click your little mouse over there!


I am SO addicted to this website, it isn’t even funny. I’m abusing it for wedding inspirations, Halloween decor ideas, food recipes I want to try, or even bookmarking my favorite funnies. I didn’t know this website existed until March-ish, and it has been awesome. You can find images of nearly anything you might be interested in. I love it.

And hey, if I intrigued you enough, you can follow my pins too!

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A New Wedding Update: Wedding Colors

If you haven’t guessed by now, I decided to make this week wedding week on the blog. I had to get it off my chest for a while, so I figured, let’s filter it into the blog. Haha! Distractions!

As a web/graphic designer, I find colors to be such fun. So I was really up to the challenge when we decided to have our favorite colors, red and orange, be our wedding colors. These are usually fall colors, but we decided on a wintertime wedding. Bigger issues? We like fall-ish variations of red and orange. How should we avoid “fall”?

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A New Wedding Update: “Are you having a costume wedding?”

With all the wedding planning, lots of questions and opinions come up. So far, I have two that are always guaranteed to be asked by friends and family and are personal favorites when asked. Even Erick has asked a variation of this first one, in fear almost, to know what my envisioned wedding was.


Photo by Shari Photography

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A New Wedding Update: Save-the-Date Dress

Since posts are gone, I get to revisit old things I talked about before. Now I can break them down a little more. Most recently, I posted about the many dresses I had for several upcoming functions in regards to the wedding. I’ve decided to discuss each dress individually, beginning with the dress that will be used the soonest.

The Save-the-Date Dress

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That’s Life: The Fresh Start (as decided by the blog)

If you haven’t been following the Facebook posts or even noticed that suddenly the blog was missing all it’s content, let me explain. Regrettably, I had an update through WordPress that just didn’t want to agree with the blog.

I made some mistakes trying to fix it and now ALL the content from before is gone. At least on here. However, I realized that I had the blog cross-posting on Tumblr for who knows what reason. Apparently, somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought of having the blog post in multiple places as a way of keeping content preserved. SO in a way, it’s not completely gone…but all the images and video are.

If you care to read up on past posts, you can check out my Tumblr. I’m not going to go through the hassle of reposting everything from years and months passed. But you can see it there, if you’re so inclined. ; )