Clue Carousal 2014


The Clue Carousal was a major success for our first party in our new apartment! We ended up having a total of 18 guests. Since Erick and I started our own parties, I’ve never had such a great turn out. It was an awesome feeling. Not only that, at the end, lots of people were asking for more in the future, which made me feel really good.

When I got up this morning, people were already talking about last night on Facebook. Someone even shared a quote from yours truly trying our party’s very bad selection of tequila for the shots portion of the game, “Who hasn’t had a shot of that tequila? Okay, you have to take a shot. It’s TERRIBLE.”


…with the Dagger


Tomorrow is the big event! We are so excited and super ready for the first event to be hosted in our new place. And even though not everyone we invited could make it, we are having a reasonable turn out of 20 guests. I’m very pleased with how all our plans are coming together.

I know that it may seem silly to some people to put so much planning into it all, but I think it’s all those small details that really make a party memorable.

Happy Halloween!



Image Courtesy of The Book of Life

Editing this post Halloween, but that’s in part to the fact that I didn’t actually update it when it was Halloween, but also in part to the fact that our Halloween celebrations are still sort of happening. It has been an interesting weekend, to say the least.

October 31st

In the morning, I decorated our door in preparation for trick-or-treaters. I wish I’d taken a picture, but I didn’t think about it until after I took everything down and I didn’t feel like putting it all back up just to take a photo. ^^;; Our afternoon was pretty uneventful outside of that.