Happy 21st Birthday, Baby Sis #2!


Adventure a Day: Days 41-50

So, I’m stopping with the most favorited here, the most favorited there thing. Seemed a little…something I can’t quite put my finger on. But the whole point of these is for me really. I’m just sharing with the world because, well…I want to! Hasn’t it been fun so far seeing how I’ve found a little something special and unique every day? It has certainly helped me keep looking on the positive side of things. :)

I’m still going to share my favorite adventure of each ten days, but wow! I can’t believe I hit the 50 day mark and still keeping on top of it! It has been so fun and I hope you all stick with me through all my adventures. ;)

My Favorite Adventure


This was a VERY hard pick! There were a lot of fun things that happened! I made my monthly quota for visiting Disneyland, had some fun company, ate delicious food, watched some Disney movies I hadn’t seen in a while. The turtle takes the cake. Just because I learned so much about my exoskeleton-endoskeleton friend in his exploration of my classroom that it was really cool to learn that things taken as fact aren’t always true!


Adventure a Day: Days 31-40

Happy Friday the 13th! Always something enchanting about a bad luck day happening before a day of love, don’t you think? This was a much more laid-back set of days, but even so, it was really hard to pick a favorite adventure. They were all pretty fun. I ran a little later than usual on quite a few days, but I got back on track at the end of the ten.

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Adventure a Day: Days 21-30

This group of ten days was pretty busy, but very fun. I kept pretty active and there was so much happening it was hard to decide each day what was my adventure!

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Producing a Champagne Courtship

One thing that I sincerely love about planning a party is the research and idea collecting that comes with it. I can only say how happy I am that such a thing as Pinterest exists today. I do not know how my mom came up with all the ideas and plans she did for all of our many parties in my youth, but thank heavens for Pinterest. You might not always find what you’re looking for, but it’s a great place to start with a base and even just hold on to something that sounded really neat and you can rely on later. Plus there’s less of a chance of misplacing or loosing your notes.

And for me, with our original anniversary party plans, it was a life saver! Now, our plans are very much changed, unfortunately, but I thought I should share what I’ve gathered together.

According to the internet, not too many people have thrown a Princess Bride themed party. I found a couple wedding photo shoots and some loosely themed wedding plans, but to my surprise, this isn’t such a popular theme. I spent a good week of internet and pinterest searching and it was quite the challenge to find some variety.

If anyone happens to be interested in planning a Princess Bride party yourself, here’s my pinterest board with all that I found helpful or inspiring when it came to theming a party after the movie. Or maybe you’re looking for a last minute romantic evening at home plan for Valentine’s day. This could work too! ;)

Follow Chelsea’s board Champagne Courtship on Pinterest.


Adventure a Day: Days 11-20

Running a little later with sharing my next ten days. ^^; We’re coming up close on my thirty days. XD;; Oops. Oh well. You all having fun so far? I know I am!

Some days it has been a little bit of a challenge in remembering to post a photo, not necessarily coming up with a photo to post. That part has still been surprisingly easy. Been keeping busy and so, keeping an open eye for adventures around every corner and within every simple task. It’s pretty fun and I’ve really¬†gained the feeling that “Adventure is Out there!” and it really doesn’t require looking too hard to find it.

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