Adventure a Day: Days 211-220


Adventure a Day: Days 201-210

After my return from Disneyland, I caught pneumonia. >.<;;; Which looks so “great” for work. But for once, I was very good and spent the majority of the time resting like I should have (even though I didn’t before going to the urgent care). We found two budgies on the campus which got adopted as our classroom birds and I was introduced to Five Nights at Freddy’s. @_@

My Favorite Adventure

IMG_4484When we play skylanders, it’s for small bursts at a time. It’s a lot of work to lay out all our figures in preparation to play with the game, but when we do, we play a lot of it and have a ball. I enjoy those times because this is one of the few games I’m invested in where it never gets old to me. I’m pretty excited for the new one coming out in September too. 😉



Adventure a Day: Days 191-200

There was lots of preparation for our Disneyland trip for the 60th celebration, with lots of little surprises sprinkled in on the countdown to our leaving for the trip. And the trip its self was so amazing. It was hard not to have a great time and even harder to pick only one day.

My Favorite Adventure

IMG_3731But since I have to pick one favorite, the actual day of the anniversary was purely amazing. It was extremely fun getting dressed up, dolled up and finding all the little special surprises Disneyland had planned. It was just a very full and very magical day.



Adventure a Day: Days 181-190

Since being in a relationship and being away from home, this was probably the longest span of time I’d been on my own alone. It was different, but in a way, it was nice too. I worked on a lot of things and getting to eat whatever and whenever I wanted was really great. But I still missed Erick quite a bit while he was gone.

My Favorite Adventure



At one point, I’d invited friends and family to come and hang out with me while I marathoned my favorite show. My mom and sister joined me for the last invite and we started playing penny can with an uh-oah glass throughout the remainder of their visit. I realized that I need a paint can.


Adventure a Day: Days 171-180

Unlike the last couple posts, everything that happened for adventures was pretty random! I worked on party props, celebrated my Dad’s birthday and father’s day on the same day, cleaned up, got to try a secret menu item and graduated. It’s almost ironic that the last day of this batch was spent vegging out and watching television.

My Favorite Adventure

IMG_3207Although it was super fun and exciting to graduate, the party celebrating it was the best part. I had a great turn out and got a pretty good idea that our new apartment is not the best for large social gatherings unlike our old apartment and got to really reflect on all the years of training and the knowledge we gained. It was really fun.



Adventure a Day: Days 161-170

There was mostly a mad dash to get the last of what I needed to turn in for my graduation done, getting projects finished for the party and some minor doctor’s visit too. It was busy, but we finished it off with a jump into the weekend with a double feature.

My Favorite Adventure

IMG_2775Which turned out to be my favorite part. We watched San Andres and Jurassic World and it was all so good and fun and adrenaline-filled. It was a huge blast and I think I loved it because Erick and I hadn’t really spent an evening at the theaters in a while.