Countdown to Halloween : Forgotten Projects of Halloweens Past


One week to Halloween!!

Where did the time go? I feel like October really flew by this year!

It’s amazing what you can discover and find that you forgot you ever did. I discovered the fun little doodles above on one of my old hard drives. And honestly? I cannot remember making them! I also did two backgrounds to go with them…I think? Crazy. Kinda spooky too.


Countdown to Halloween : Put the Boob Back in Boob Tube


Yesterday, I had the day off from work so once what I had planned for the day was finished, I spent my time catching up on Huluween. Now, it’s always fun catching older horror films, but I’ve been feeling a little “meh” about this Hulu thing.

One of the things I really liked about watching Elvira’s Movie Macabre was her little “side quests” that you would check in with her on before and after commercial breaks. For the four films I’ve watched so far, she’s only had an intro and outro. And I’m not too crazy about the opening sequence for the Huluween. Or at least the music. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just use a previous Movie Macabre opening, but then again, I’m not in show business, so who knows how that works.


Countdown to Halloween : Hill of Witches



Photo Courtesy of Ben Genz Photogrpahy

One of my last shares from Atlas Obscura for October. I will leave further discovering of that amazing website to you if you’ve been drawn in enough by the few samplings I’ve shared this month. Although not actually spooky or creepy outside of it’s, I was drawn in by the location name alone. One of my favorite Montessori instructors is from Lithuania and that caught my attention considering she is such a striking person.

The Hill of Witches is a forest trail decorated with wooden carvings placed throughout the path of various mythical creatures of Lithuanian folklore. The carvings remind me a lot of Finnish folklore and what they might have similarly. Which isn’t such a poorly-harbored guess considering Finland is located above Lithuania. I’m a big myth nut and reading about this hill really made me want to look into more of their myths and legends.

Someday, I would absolutely love to visit here. I mean, aren’t these sculptures simply intriguing and mystifying? I would love to see them in person. Be sure to read up more about this awesome place by clicking the link below.

Atlas Obscura – Hill of Witches

Have you ever visited a place of myth and legend?


Countdown to Halloween : …with the Lead Pipe.


This was supposed to post on Saturday, but I didn’t get to finish writing it and the day didn’t got exactly as planned. So I’m making it up now. I’ll be posting Friday’s missed post today as well.

By this time, all of our guests should have received their invitations in the mail. Which means I get to share the product of my fun labor!

These were just as fun to make as our wedding invitations only a lot less labor-intensive. They were REALLY easy to make. And required little to no material outside of the paper and envelopes. I got to use stuff laying around the apartment. I don’t think I have ever had a project where I didn’t have to go out and buy 2/3 of what I wanted to make.