Countdown to Halloween : Every Tricker’s Treat


Did you get to watch the first night of 13 Nights of Elvira? Do you plan on watching more? I’m going to do my best to sneak as many of them in over the remaining days of October. An article Elvira shared on her facebook on Saturday had the complete line-up of shows. In addition, it’s a great interview with much more variety. Remember how I had complained about that in another post? I think she was holding out on me. XD It’s a fun article to read if only to learn a little about the process Elvira goes through when selecting a film for her show.

DreadCentral – Elvira Talks Hulu’s 13 Nights of Elvira and More

And just to kick you off…




Countdown to Halloween : Halloween via Monterey Bay Aquarium


I thought this was just too cute not to share. Plus I have a major soft spot for vintage-styled movie posters. Monterey Bay Aquarium sent an email to it’s members with a link to send a MBA themed e-card styled off of old horror movie posters to send to their friends and families to wish Happy Halloween.  If you love ocean creatures from the deep used in their classic fashion, you’ll love these cards!


Countdown to Halloween : Highgate Cemetary


Photo Courtesy of Atlas Obscura

Another visit to Atlas Obscura rendered my only reason to want to visit London.  This beautiful history-rich cemetery was once the field for an outbreak of bizarre vampire hunting sprees and grave desecrations because of such. But regardless of that, this place looks absolutely stunning!

Not only that, but loads of reports regarding supernatural occurrences have been linked to this cemetery. Spooky cool. This looks like such an awesome place to take pictures, but I know I would be so scared to do it and ending up seeing something in the photos I don’t remember seeing in person.

Atlas Obscura – Highgate Cemetery

What spooky/creepy/haunted place have you always wanted to visit?


Countdown to Halloween : You Hear Something?


It’s the spooky thirteenth day of the countdown~! Over the weekend, Elvira announced that the “2 Big Pumpkins” single was available for purchase on iTunes. Perfect for those that don’t have a turntable for listening to the vinyls. ;)

Now the single has both of the songs that are also featured on the vinyl. I only listened to the preview of “13 Nights of Halloween”, but it’s pretty much a Halloween version of “12 Days of Christmas”, where Elvira is receiving gifts from Freddy Krueger. It’s a four minute song, but from the sample that I got to listen to, she’s more…talking than singing. It’s not bad, but I guess I was hoping for more singing. Still, it sounds very funny. I can’t wait to hear the song in it’s entirety.

2 Big Pumpkins Single on iTunes