Jumpin’ Jukebox: Coffin Rock

I don’t know why I find it ironic, but I do. There are a plethra of “classic” rock songs that are very Halloween-related, or at least can be applied to a Halloween playlist. With this playlist, however, it was hard to go with unknown ones because a lot of them are pretty well-known. Hopefully, there’s one or two that you can add to your playlist that you didn’t think of or know.


For myself, Killer Clowns from Outer Space by The Dickies was a new addition to my collection this year. I’ve always loved the film, yet for some reason, I never thought to collect the opening/ending credits song! Does it not fit perfectly?

All of these songs can be purchased on iTunes with the exception of “Horror Movie” by the Skyhooks and “Get Dead” by Shari Belafonte-Harper.

“Horror Movie” is from Elvira’s cd, “Elvira Presents Haunted House Hits”.  Sometimes it’s available on Amazon, but I bought my copy on ebay. It’s worth having considering the album has almost 20 tracks that are pretty unique. “Get Dead” is from the film “The Midnight Hour” and was obtained by highly not legal means. :( If you know where I can purchase an official release of the song, please let me know in the comments below.

Twenty-five more days until Halloween~


And now for something unexpected Over the Garden Wall

As time passes, some of my plans fall through. And when that happens, the unexpected last-minute plan must occur. Improvisation! ^^;

Over the Garden Wall – On Hulu

A facebook friend of mine had raved and recommended this series of shorts last week and it doesn’t take much time to watch the entire series. In fact, it may be hard to get yourself to stop. I know I couldn’t.

Without spoiling much of anything, it’s a perfect series to get lost in for an evening and reasonably safe for the kiddies too if you’re really craving some Halloween family bonding time. Pumpkin people, evil spirits, a party, the unknown and a very mysterious mystery. I promise it will be time well spent. You just have to check it out yourself.

Twenty-six more days until Halloween~


Jumpin’ Jukebox: Disney Spooky Playlist

So my family has grown their Halloween music collection for a very long time. So, my collection is rather large and diverse. In fact, it’s actually a challenge to find songs I haven’t heard before that could fall into the Halloween category. To help those that might be in a similar boat, I thought I’d put together some various playlists containing thirteen songs that fit with the theme. Today’s playlist consists of Disney villain songs and songs from Disney that could fall onto a spooky playlist.


All of these songs with the exception of “Mad Madam Mim” can be and have been purchased on iTunes. As far as I can find, there is very limited to no albums or official soundtracks to “The Sword in the Stone”. I ripped the version I have directly from my DVD. If you know where I can purchase an official release of the song, please let me know in the comments below!

Twenty-seven more days until Halloween~


Meet Your Ghostess, Ladydragon Spider

hostessI started peeking at some of my fellow cryptkeepers for this year and noticed that a lot of people have been sharing their history with the countdown and Halloween. I thought that it might not be such a bad idea to do myself! Especially considering the post I had planned to throw together for today did not quite happen as hoped.

I have officially participated in the Cryptkeeper’s Countdown to Halloween since 2011 (under Ladydragon Bride and Ladydragon Wife) and have been doing unofficial Halloween blog countdowns since 2009. If there was one prominent tradition I feel is true in my family, it is Halloween. Spooky music has always rung through our halls and cars throughout the month of October and we grew up on Elvira. It was never just one day of dress up, but a month of fun activities, special treats, extreme home decorating and costume imagineering.

I love Halloween. I’m not the horror thrill seeker (I’m waaaay too much of a chicken to handle it-I break out in fits of laughter I get so scared.), but there’s something about the mystery and allure of death and the supernatural that makes Halloween and October very special and irresistible to me.

Last year, I hosted my countdown as THE hostess of Halloween, Elvira herself. This year, I decided to create my own. The Ladydragon Hostess of this Halloween is modeled after my bizarre love/infatuation/respect/fascination/fear of spiders. My Ladydragon Spider, if you will. I hope you all enjoy my creation as I put a lot of love into her and am excited to romp around in spider-themed garb and crazy-colored makeup over the span of this month.

Also joining me will be Monster Gracey, but I think it will be best to let her introduce herself when it’s time…

Twenty-nine more days until Halloween~


Jumpin’ Jukebox: Rotten to the Core

It’s October first, my fellow boos! Are you ready for this count down? I know that I am! Well, nearly. I haven’t quite gotten up to par as originally desired, but I have it all nearly planned out. Let’s do this!

It’s hard not to hop on the Descendants train. The music is catchy, the concept is super fun and the main characters are too adorable for words. It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but it would definitely be Evie. And Sofia Carson’s solo version of Rotten to the Core is just too fun.

Check it out!

Have you checked out this series yet? I’m totally in love. I really hope that there will be plans for more movies because the little shorts on Disney Channel are just not enough.

Thirty more days until Halloween~


Adventure a Day: Days 201-210

After my return from Disneyland, I caught pneumonia. >.<;;; Which looks so “great” for work. But for once, I was very good and spent the majority of the time resting like I should have (even though I didn’t before going to the urgent care). We found two budgies on the campus which got adopted as our classroom birds and I was introduced to Five Nights at Freddy’s. @_@

My Favorite Adventure

IMG_4484When we play skylanders, it’s for small bursts at a time. It’s a lot of work to lay out all our figures in preparation to play with the game, but when we do, we play a lot of it and have a ball. I enjoy those times because this is one of the few games I’m invested in where it never gets old to me. I’m pretty excited for the new one coming out in September too. 😉