Bride’s Log : Day Six Part III : The Bridezilla Moment


This was the limo ride of breaking points. I was just having an unbelievably challenging time having fun by this time and starting to feel like I was going to be sick. Maybe it was nerves, maybe disappointment from getting ready. I’ll never know. I just know that this ride was saved by quite the dose of Disney magic. :)

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part II : Let’s Get Gorgeous


When it came time for getting ready, I really felt like the movies had severely lied about what it’s supposed to be like. Even with all the gorgeous music videos I’ve watched of real brides’ wedding days. Sweet snippets of brides and grooms interacting with their family so endearingly, bridesmaids laughing together while causing the bride to sneak a smile. From my own personal perspective, this couldn’t have felt any farther from the truth. The only person who really talked to me at all was my hair stylist. My parents were busy with getting things reported to the house owners’ agent and it really felt like my bridesmaids could have cared less if I was there or not. It felt like they only started caring when I stopped. However, if my wedding photos were any sort of proof to how I was feeling, you’d never believe it. I do tend to dramafy things more in my mind, but I’m totally glad my wedding photos did not reflect that.

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part I : Suit Up!

I’m sorry these last couple recaps have sounded so negative. The wedding experience really wasn’t. I swear! It does get better! Once we got to the resort, it was 100% magical. I think that it was just dealing with the reality of people’s selfishness really hit me hard on a day I was supposed to be in a constant high during. It was a really big disappointment to me when things didn’t go how I’d been led to believe they would.


Since my portion of getting ready is longer, I thought it’d be easier to start off with writing about Erick’s part first.

The guys had to be done a little earlier in order to drop off our special champagne at the resort, but their morning was pretty laid back considering it doesn’t take the gents half as long to get ready as the ladies. (I know, totally not fair, right?) The last of the guys started arriving around 9:30, but spent most of their time hanging out and opening gifts before even bothering to get dressed.

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Comikaze Expo 2014: Erick’s Line Up

My friends have called me the cosplay nazi. Which sounds really bad…but that is caused from my almost obsessive nature to really know a costume down to it’s core and origins. I get a little crazy over the details and finesse of it all. And when choosing to do comic book cosplays as Erick has, there is no better reference than the actual source material. I refused to even begin making plans for his costumes until he picked out the exact variations of the costumes he desired.

Well, he picked them out. And I tracked down the comics they belonged to. I have to admit, one thing I will always love American comics for over Japanese manga is their consistency in the character’s clothing. Just with Erick’s Green Arrow, the first 15 pages of the comic his costume’s variation originates from gives multiple angled views of the costume, demonstrating uniformity. It blows my mind since most Japanese series do not put as much depth and thought into showing off their costumes. These American comics are a cosplayer’s dream when it comes to references.

But enough jibber-jabber. It’s time for Erick’s line up!


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Bride’s Log : Day Five Part V : Mother Nature Gets Excited

dayfivept05 I don’t think anyone plans for an earthquake. They’re highly unpredictable. I think our reactions that night were too. All I can say is Mother Nature was beyond excited for our impending nuptials. There is no other explanation. :D For those that heard the stories or were around for the wedding, you’ll recall that there was a 5.1 earthquake the night before the wedding. Buildings swayed for some, Disney park goers thought a subway was passing underfoot, some saw furniture shake. It wasn’t too outrageous, but I guess it was a big deal to some people. Those not directly in the epicenter paused for a moment, reflected that there was an earthquake and went on with their lives. The earthquake was centered in La Habra. Our villa was in La Habra Heights, right above the epicenter. When the earthquake hit, we not only felt it, but furniture jumped across rooms, walls came off their foundations and anything not secured to something pretty much fell and broke. It was really fun, actually. At least, it was for us because we were fortunate that no one got hurt. I may feel differently if the circumstances were more grim, but they weren’t and we were all well and fine. Read more

Bride’s Log : Day Five Part IV : Time for Grub!


By the time we arrived at the rehearsal dinner location, we were running about ten minutes late, but everyone had settled in on their own and I was very very glad we had kept the dinner strictly to wedding party and their dates. I can’t imagine how much more of a headache it would have been to try co-ordinating out-of-town family members and keep everyone happy. With the smaller group, we really got to social with each individual.

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Comikaze Expo 2014 : Cosplay Plans & Pending Line Up

So now that wedding stuff is well over, pictures and video have been received, and I’m slowly giving away any non-sentimental wedding leftovers, I’ve slowly been getting to get back into old routines…like planning for conventions!

This Halloween, we will find ourselves once again attending Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles. I love going to that con. It’s just so laid-back for me and last year, it was super fun getting to participate in the costume contest. Perhaps I’ll enter again this year. ;D Anywhoos! I haven’t figured out yet what day I’m doing what, but I’m pretty solid on what I’m doing! I decided I’ll be doing my best to keep track of the progress and plan changes here on the blog!


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