April Adventure : Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars (Let’s Catch Up on the Year)

Welcome to the December “Let’s Catch Up on the Year” blog-a-thon segment! XD This is where I’ll be sharing some of my many adventures I experienced over the 2015 and 2016 years. Many of which I had intentions of posting, but ended up never doing! >.<;; Last year, I shared my birthday adventure in wine country. I had such a blast that I decided to do the same this year and even ventured out of my comfort zone from my beloved Castello di Amorosa.

I was not sure what awaited us during our time at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, but it was certainly a time to be had and I’m extremely glad I discovered this winery, almost completely by accident.

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This was my November jam and what fun it is. I just love the upbeat attitude of this song and it carried me and my emotions quite well through November. Helping me keep inspired for formulating plans for and into the new year. I’m quite excited for what music discovery I’ll make in December. 😉

Play That Song

Despite the business of October and October postings, that doesn’t mean, I didn’t manage to find some musical inspiration outside of my frequent haunting tunes I refer to during one of my favorite times of the year. If you don’t know me, I simply ADORE Train. I love and have loved them for well onto fifteen years now. They are a band that consistently surprises me with each new song they release. I will continue to love them for a very long time. It was no surprise when they released their newest song, that it would strike a cord with me, even with it’s release just before the Halloween season. The under-melody of this song is an old one and one of the very first melodies I learned how to play on the piano. It was hard not to become inspired. Thanks, Train. 🙂

31 of 31 : Minutes after Midnight : Happy Halloween!

29 of 31 : Elvira Wig Styling

I forgot to mention in the video that I am following the tutorial shared by Bouffant Delacroix. Obviously, I did not follow them step by step (I could NOT get their “tacking” technique down at all. It was just total annoyance instead of assistance), but thanks to them, I got a rather kick-booty looking wig. 🙂

Celebrating 5 years of Halloween Countdowns through the Cryptkeeper’s Countdown to Halloween

28 of 31 : Kicking off the Halloween Weekend

Celebrating 5 years of Halloween Countdowns through the Cryptkeeper’s Countdown to Halloween