Chelsea’s Surprisingly Decisive Wedding Gown Search

I have read so many stories of many brides, Disney bride and not, who sincerely struggled with finding their dress. Knowing it was THE dress. I’m an extremely indecisive person. Ask my hubby and we have major problems when I cannot decide what to go out and eat. And most of my day is filled with me trying to decide what exactly it is I want to do. My wedding gown search, like most of our wedding planning, was made very decisively. I had actually been very aware of what I wanted to be my dress before Erick had even proposed! Crazy, I know, but I swear it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Anyways, there had just so happened to be a trunk show in Modesto for the line of dresses my dress was a part of. I had asked my mom to come along with me because I knew she was the one who would give me an honest opinion about how my dream dress looked on me and really tell me if it wasn’t the dress for me. I’m really glad I did bring her along instead of bringing a whole entourage like you see in those wedding shows. I know that when I showed my sisters pictures after, they were so opinionated, it was a great way for you to start doubting what it is you really wanted, so as much fun as it would have been to have them come along, they would have distracted from what I was really there for.

We went to a trunk show for Alfred Angelo’s Disney Fairytale Bridal Collection at Bianca’s Bridal Couture in Modesto. Originally, I’d made an appointment to go to the show only to be told that they didn’t have my dress. But then I arrived and they said they did! I was extremely excited. However, the consultant recommended that I try on other dresses too, so I picked out two others from the Disney line and went to trying them on. I tried on the other two first, saving the best for last. Continue reading

Return from the Land of Happiness


It’s been two and a half weeks since our wedding. I thought I might have be more techie in regards to sharing my event before leaving, but I’ve learned that I’m just not that kind of person. I’m better with collecting all of my memories and then documenting them versus instant-sharing. The moment comes later in sharing for me, but there is a great chance of getting to relive it once more. Which can be even more fun. :)

I’m excited to start sharing about our day, the moments leading up to it and the days of fun following it. It will take me some time, however. It was all a very emotional thing. (You’ll also notice there’s an overhaul of the site’s look so pardon the mess while I try to get things as desired.)

From the earthquake the night before our “I do’s” to special surprises all through the reception and a GIANT bunch of Mickey Mouse balloons in the park, it was certainly an adventure I cannot wait to share with you. The day of and the days that followed were really magical and full of exemplary Disney magic, like it should be, and I was not disappointed. At least not on the wedding day and post celebrations. The time leading up to it was a whole other adventure, but all worth discussing, if only to help brides know you’re not alone in the craziness. Earthquake before the wedding? Pfft! You conquer that and you feel like you can conquer anything.

I will have many surprises to reveal to you before I even get into the big day, but they’re all fun, I promise. All full of crazy adventurous moments.

Thank you to all that gave their well wishes via The Internet or even texted and called me and left voicemails on my phone. I didn’t have my phone on me much, if at all on wedding day, so they were really fun to listen to the next day. Thank you to all that were with me in spirit and shared their wisdom and gave guidance when I was lost or needed reeling in. And an even greater thank you to the virtual and real life friends I have made through this process of planning a Disneyland wedding. Not only did you help keep Erick from going cookoo over my Disneyness, you gave me such an amazing support group full of people who truly understood where I was coming from and helped me not feel like the odd man out with the Disney magic I worked so hard to weave into the wedding.

Happily Ever After is just beginning!

Ladydragon Wife

An additional thanks is in MAJOR order to my cousin Marika for capturing the beautiful moment above from her guest’s eye view (GIV) of Erick and I walking the aisle as Mr and Mrs!

Off to See the Mouse About a Spouse

As of right now we are on our way to the happiest place on Earth in preparation for one of the happiest days of our lives.
Our last day of work (for two weeks), we showed off our Disney excitement and ran around with our bride and groom ear hats. It wasn’t awesome just because we were showing off how excited we were to be getting married in now less than a week, but that we were appropriately showing off where we will be celebrating our nuptials.

I’m hoping that I will have time to share a little snippet of the time building up to the wedding so stay tuned!

A New Wedding Update: Five Days Until We Leave


I cannot believe that we are leaving in five days to celebrate our happily ever after! I’ve had so much fun blogging everything up to this point and I just wanted to take a moment to really say thanks to everyone who has been reading and following along through my 2+ year adventure of planning. I’ll still have more to share about the wedding later, such as some details I wanted to keep under wraps until the wedding had concluded.

This Is The Week!

Confirm your honeymoon wedding travel arrangements. – √

Well…not going off to our honeymoon right away, but we do have travel arrangements all finalized for the trip to Anaheim area.

Start packing bags for your honeymoon wedding. – √

We’re in trouble if we haven’t yet. We leave bright and early Monday morning. XD

Get traveler’s checks and/or a small amount of foreign cash. – X

I’m guessing this would apply if we were having an out-of-country wedding or going on our honeymoon, but we’re not. We did contact our band to let them know we’re going to be in Disneyland so don’t decline our cards thinking they’re stolen.

Pick up your wedding dress. – √

I did yesterday!

Give reception site/caterer final guest head count. Include vendors, such as the photographer or band members, who will expect a meal. Ask how many extra plates the caterer will prepare. – √

We’re giving our rehearsal dinner location information on Monday and had already given our final number to Disney at the end of February.

Supply location manager with a list of vendor requests such as a table for DJ or setup space needed by florist. – √

Done just because Disney already took care of this for us.

Plan reception seating chart.  - √

So done! Believe it or not, one of the easiest things to pull together.

Print place and table cards, or finalize list with the calligrapher you have hired to do so. – √

Disney did it! XD (You have no idea how much I love saying that)

Call all wedding vendors and confirm arrangements. – √

We just had to do this with our officiant and photo/video team whom are the only things we didn’t get through Disney and we’ve been keeping in close contact with both about the details of the big day.

Give ceremony and reception site managers a schedule of vendor delivery and setup times, plus contact numbers. – √

I feel like a broken record. Disney is taking this out of our hands.

Groom: Get your hair trimmed.


Attend bachelor/ette parties. – √

Our festivities for both were this past weekend. So all done!

A New Wedding Update: The Bridal Shower

tpatf-spotlightI am totally one of those people who enjoy being in the spotlight, although my life always turns out to be where life or people in my life tend to steal my thunder and what is supposed to be my moment in the lime light turns into theirs. Not usually intentionally, but people just have a very hard time being selfless for other people. It’s just human nature.

For my bridal shower, this was ANYTHING but the case. I really felt special and…well, showered, with all the love and affection and care that was possible. People who knew they couldn’t make it to the wedding made a point to be there and those that I will be seeing at the wedding made it a blast because I knew I’d be having just as much fun with these people a little over a month from then. Now we’re a little over two weeks away. Aiy yai yai!


Continue reading

A New Wedding Update: Final Official Dress Fitting…NOT


Today….I go to try on my dress for hopefully the last time and get to take it home! I’m so overwhelmed with the excitement, the work day is going to be very very hard to get through, even though I’m leaving early. Wish me the best, guys!

I thought so excitedly on Wednesday…turns out, the seamstress was still fussing with me over what to do with my bustle and the dress was still much too long. They even asked if I was wearing the same shoes as last time. @_@ Does that mean I’m getting shorter?!

tpatf-poorkittyI felt just a little like that poor kitty, even more so now as we try to get everything together…I just hope it all comes together in time…

(and yes, we are now fully functional on the new server! Yay!)


A New Wedding Update: One Month to Go


Just in case, warning you all now, that things might go a little wonky over the next 72 hours. I’m changing hosts and it takes some time to transfer the domain info and all that jazz from one host to another.

But wow…one month! @_@ I cannot believe it. Two and a half years of planning and it’s all coming down to this…I feel like I just wrote a countdown post…but I guess that’s just proving how much faster the time flies by when you really need it. XD

One Month To Go

Confirm floral order and arrange for delivery times. –

Should be done. We don’t have a lot of floral and have already worked most things out with the florist. We are just waiting on one final thing for them to confirm and we’re good to go!

Meet with ushers and assign duties for the ceremony and reception. –

We’ve had our groomsmen double duty as ushers and they know what their job is at this point.

Discuss the details of your wedding ceremony with your officiant. –

One reason we took a trip last weekend. It was actually the main reason we were making the trip and we are feeling so set with the ceremony. I cannot wait for our guests to be a part of it!

Determine the placement or distribution of programs at the ceremony venue. –

Distributed by ushers when they seat guests. Who doesn’t want to see the awesome programs I made?

Arrange for preparation, storage and break areas for musicians/DJ at the reception venue. –

Totally and completely up to Disney. So in other words, done!

Determine seating arrangements for guests. –

I think people make a bigger fuss over this than it really has. We really didn’t struggle with it at all and got it done in about an hour.

Schedule an appointment for a manicure and/or pedicure the day before your wedding. –

We did. A couples massage too. We’re excited for all of this. :D

Finalize details with wedding photographer and videographer, determining arrival times at each nuptial venue. –

Working on it, although we pretty much have it set in stone.

Finalize honeymoon plans/itinerary and confirm all travel and hotel reservations. – X

Again, not planning for the honeymoon yet.

Arrange for transportation to and from the airport. –

This won’t be for us, but for some family members and wedding party members. My yiayia is working on her flight last time I spoke with her.

Make all necessary arrangements for care of pet(s), plants and mail while you’re away on honeymoon. –

With two cats (now three!), this was a thing to be taken care of well in advance. Luckily, I’m no green thumb so no plants to worry about and have made arrangements with the post office.

Post announcement and photo on your wedding website. –

I mean…I think? I’m not exactly sure what this means.

Arrange for table card setup at reception venue. –

Disney’s doing this. :)

Schedule pickup/return of groom’s formalwear. –

Already have it worked out thanks to his wonderful parents.

Give the final headcount to the caterer and review details. –

This was due this week, so of course it has been taken care of.

Arrange for delivery and placement of wedding flowers, candles and other decorations on the day of the ceremony. –

Mostly Disney, but we brought in our own centerpieces so we have some wonderful aunts and cousins assisting us.

Contact anyone who has not responded to his or her wedding invitation. –

Needed our final count so we had to track this down by the end of January.

Apply for a marriage license. Check with the local bureau in the town where you’ll wed. –

Been done and taken care of.

Bride: Have final gown fitting. Bring your maid of honor along to learn how to bustle your dress. Have the dress pressed and bring it home. –

Not yet, but planned to. Going to pick it up a week from now. :D

Call all bridesmaids. Make sure they have their gowns ready for the wedding. – & X

Handed one dress off to a bridesmaid this past weekend, although now everyone needs to get their dresses altered if needed.

Make last-minute adjustments with vendors. –

In the process of doing so.

Create a wedding program to hand out to guests. –

It’s created, but we’re just finalizing it.

Order and plan in-room welcome baskets for out-of-town guests. –

Of course. Now our biggest project is tracking people down to ask what their room reservations are so that we can ensure the welcome bags end up in their hands.

A New Wedding Update: History of the Bridal Shower


With my own impeding shower just around the corner (this Sunday, in fact, I am WAY too excited!), I thought I would share some history I learned from my mom about the bridal shower’s origins. At least this is one of many stories. When I looked it up to find the story to write out here, I found lots of different variations. So…I’ll tell you the one my mom told me.

A young bride was denied her dowry by her father who did not approve of her and her fiancé’s union. Close friends and the elderly women of her town gathered together to “shower” her with housewares and linens so that she would not go to her future husband’s home empty-handed.

Interesting, no? I always so love this wedding trivia.

What origin story of the bridal shower do you know?

A New Wedding Update: Almost There

tpatf-tiaEven though we’ve still got a reasonably sized to-do list, Erick and I just just bubbling little clams right now with how close the wedding is. We are more excited than anything over our upcoming nuptials. Most people get nervous or stressed as their big day gets closer, but we just CANNOT wait. Erick and I have a final trip down to Disneyland one last time before the wedding to sort things out with our priest and do some last minute details for the ceremony and reception.

I have to say that I am pretty impressed that we did stick with our timeline though. In fact, we’re ahead of it. We had set a goal to get our to-do list done and completed (well, we had several to-do lists, one for completing by our due-date, one to complete the month before the wedding, one for the week before, etc.) by the first of March, and after this trip, we’ll practically be finished with our list. YAY!

Needless to say, we are pretty stoked. Outside of doing laundry and packing, the month of March will be spent being lazy and resting up for the big day. No last minute errands to run or major purchases to make.