Bride’s Log : Day Six Part X : Toasts, Dancing & Cake Cutting


Hilarious yet also extremely memorable toasts, dances with our parents and an entertaining cake cutting, this party was well on it’s way. Extra dancing was even snuck in here and there.

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part IX : Reception Entrance, First Dance & Food


After the room reveal, we were getting pretty excited. The DJ announced to the crowd that it was time to be seated and they opened the doors to our guests. Meanwhile, our DoC collected us together on the other side and brought us about when our guests had all entered into the room.

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Bride’s Log : Day Six Part VII : Cocktail Hour


After the pictures were all taken, we got to jump right into the festivities with our guests and got to enjoy some of the very yummy delicious food we had asked to be prepared. Meanwhile, we had arranged for a special entertainment for our guests while they enjoyed the hor douvres and cocktails…

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Comikaze Expo 2014: Plan Changes

With our move in October, it changed our financial situation for the next two months leading up to Comikaze. Unfortunately, this means that we needed to limit our costumes and put some off for another time. Sad sad, but at least we can put a lot of work and attention into what we decided to stick with!


As of right now….we really haven’t done much. I’m hoping that with our next paycheck we can start knocking some stuff off our to-dos. There’s also a potential for a secret costume, but that is solely dependent on who comes with us to comikaze so for now, I’m not adding it to our list.

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