24 of 31 : #halloweenconfessions

Not sure why, but I am super super blurry in this one and I did not feel like re-filming it. >.<;; Sorry.

If you couldn’t read my confession, it is “Horror Haunts terrify me.”

23 of 31 : Cauldron’s Bubble

Want to give our recipe a try? Let me know how it turned out for you!

Cauldron’s Bubble : The Recipe

Mix Viniq and vodka together. Place dry ice into glass. Pour mixture into glass over dry ice. Top with juice. Enjoy watching the cauldron bubble then enjoy your concoction once the bubble has dissipated (when the ice has dissolved).

22 of 31 : Follow Up Lawn Decorating

It was supposed to be a double post yesterday, but instead, it’s going to be a triple post day today.

21 of 31 : My Pumpkin Dress & Lily Munster

20 of 31 : My Turn for a Question

Well? Would love to hear what you think you would be.

19 of 31 : Wine-o-ween : Zin-phomaniac’s Lodi Zinfandel

They also have a reserve wine that I didn’t know about when I made the video, but this winery pretty much sticks to their zins.

Interested in more wine from the vinter?

Check out Zin-phomaniac’s website.