A Magical Adventure: Train at the Shoreline

Can you believe I took that featured photo with just my phone?

What is there to say about the amazing adventure my parents surprised me and my hubby with as an anniversary/birthday/all gifting holidays gift? I have loved the band Train for…well…since I heard Drops of Jupiter on the radio, obsessed over it and finding out who the band was and then gifted their CD album of the same name as a birthday gift from my parents…I think during my 7th or 8th grade year so…close to 15 years. Of all the bands and music I love to listen to, Train has always and will forever be a huge part of my musical life. I’ve been blessed to attend three concerts prior to this and every time their energy on stage leaves me completely impressed and in awe and falling in love all over again.

What Train concert would be complete without amazing company and wine?

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A Magical Adventure: My Napa Valley Birthday Weekend Part 2

To check out the first half of the weekend beginning Saturday, go here!

Our Saturday was very full and kept us busy. Luckily, I’d planned for a much more mellow and laid-back Sunday. We would be returning home today as well, but I still wanted to make sure our day was full of adventure.


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A Magical Adventure: My Napa Valley Birthday Weekend Part 1

Now that the year is coming to a close and things start to mellow out of the holiday celebrations, I felt like catching up on some of my more in-depth adventures I’d been better about photographing and capturing, as promised at the beginning of the year.

Without further adieu…


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Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween~


What a fun evening! Wine, delicious food, laughs and good times. The only thing lacking were some spooky spirits, but I was very happy settling with the liquor kind.

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Wicked Wines: Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved

Origins: Healdsberg, California
Variety: Red blend
Vintage: 2013
Winery: Dearly Beloved Wines
Purchased: Target
Price: $12.99 (Santa Clara, CA)

Thirteen more minutes until Halloween~


From the Witch’s Kitchen: Sugar Skulls

I’ve really wanted to do the whole sugar skulls thing for a long time. I decided this year to make no more excuses and finally do it!

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