Happy 25th Birthday, Baby Sis #1!


Adventure a Day: Days 121-130

And now I’m all caught up. It must have been fate that I decided to sit down tonight and get caught up on my adventures here. Because todays adventure makes it exactly day 132. Wow! I, honestly, cannot believe I’ve been keeping up to this point. I’m very happy with myself and it’s very encouraging to see all the things that have happened over the year so far. It’s been very special to me to do this and has given the year very special meaning.

My Favorite Adventure


Oooh~ So many adventures, but I had to pick the random act. The best adventures are the ones unplanned. We went back to Napa, although not necessary, we just did because we could and it was quite enjoyable.


Adventure a Day: Days 111-120

After the flurry of my birthday, the adventures did not stop! We saw a beautiful broadway play called “Once”, got a lot of some very needed down time, tried a lot of new food and got our wedding album~.

My Favorite Adventure


We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in March. Obviously, getting to see our wedding album was one of the most exciting adventures. ¬†Our wedding album was so exciting to receive and I have been having way too much fun showing it off. Digital photos are just not the same as having a physical album in your hands. Although “Once” was so good and if you have the opportunity, go see it! You have to. A really really beautiful love story. I cannot spoil too much, but wow. The music, the story, it is all so beautiful. I’m still listening to the soundtrack, it’s so good. Plus, it’s always double bonus points when I get to get all dressed up and fancy.


Adventure a Day: Days 101-110

I love that this set started off with my birthday weekend of celebration. It was the most fun I have had on my birthday in a long long time and it was totally fantastic despite the fact that I had originally been getting a little sad that my Disneyland birthday plans had fallen through. But it, I never thought I would say, was beyond better than Disneyland ever could have been. To top it off, I got bitten by the reading bug, which was awesome. I pounded through two books in a week. A little slow for my usual reading record, but for working and crashing when I get home, it was pretty awesome finding the time after so long of lacking book-a-thons. I need to do that more often. I had forgotten how much I loved reading books in such speed and fervor.

My Favorite Moment


Definitely my birthday. It was completely awesome and magical and full of fun and many many mini adventures within the two days of the weekend. It. Was. Awesome. I cannot wait to share a post about my extremely fun adventure.


Adventure a Day: Days 91-100

Our next ten days consisted of mad-dash packing and unpacking so that we didn’t wait until the last possible moment to finish our packing and bring all the junk we needed to get rid of and not get rid of it. My second sister also turned the big 21! What an adventure for her. Of course we had to be a part of it.

My Favorite Adventure


Was most definitely spending time with my sister on her birthday eve, running around Monterey then counting down the clock to midnight to take her to a bar to buy her her fist drink. It was a fantastic moment and I was happy to be a part of it. (By the way, don’t make your first pit stop at the Paper Plane in San Jose. If I ever wanted to strangle a bartender…)


Adventure a Day: Days 81-90

We made an on-the-spot decision to move before our lease was up and we had a little under a month, between working, to get everything packed up and out by the end of April. That didn’t stop us from having some fun times as well and unexpected adventures. It was a very fun ten days, regardless of the little stress here and there.

My Favorite Adventure


Most definitely taking the random, unexpected, unplanned trip to Castello di Amorosa to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I was so thrilled we ended up doing something on our anniversary and we felt like a queen and king, despite only doing a simple tasting. I think the only sad thing was opening up our purchases of La Castellana to find out it was actually Il Barone. :/ But that certainly didn’t damper any aspect of the trip. :)