Bride’s Log : Day Five Part V : Mother Nature Gets Excited

dayfivept05 I don’t think anyone plans for an earthquake. They’re highly unpredictable. I think our reactions that night were too. All I can say is Mother Nature was beyond excited for our impending nuptials. There is no other explanation. :D For those that heard the stories or were around for the wedding, you’ll recall that there was a 5.1 earthquake the night before the wedding. Buildings swayed for some, Disney park goers thought a subway was passing underfoot, some saw furniture shake. It wasn’t too outrageous, but I guess it was a big deal to some people. Those not directly in the epicenter paused for a moment, reflected that there was an earthquake and went on with their lives. The earthquake was centered in La Habra. Our villa was in La Habra Heights, right above the epicenter. When the earthquake hit, we not only felt it, but furniture jumped across rooms, walls came off their foundations and anything not secured to something pretty much fell and broke. It was really fun, actually. At least, it was for us because we were fortunate that no one got hurt. I may feel differently if the circumstances were more grim, but they weren’t and we were all well and fine. Read more

Bride’s Log : Day Five Part IV : Time for Grub!


By the time we arrived at the rehearsal dinner location, we were running about ten minutes late, but everyone had settled in on their own and I was very very glad we had kept the dinner strictly to wedding party and their dates. I can’t imagine how much more of a headache it would have been to try co-ordinating out-of-town family members and keep everyone happy. With the smaller group, we really got to social with each individual.

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Comikaze Expo 2014 : Cosplay Plans & Pending Line Up

So now that wedding stuff is well over, pictures and video have been received, and I’m slowly giving away any non-sentimental wedding leftovers, I’ve slowly been getting to get back into old routines…like planning for conventions!

This Halloween, we will find ourselves once again attending Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles. I love going to that con. It’s just so laid-back for me and last year, it was super fun getting to participate in the costume contest. Perhaps I’ll enter again this year. ;D Anywhoos! I haven’t figured out yet what day I’m doing what, but I’m pretty solid on what I’m doing! I decided I’ll be doing my best to keep track of the progress and plan changes here on the blog!


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Bride’s Log : Day Five Part III : Let the Professionals Handle This


I had asked for our photographers to be present for the rehearsal dinner, but they also took some shots from the rehearsal. Mostly to help them plan around where to be on the wedding day. These are some photos they captured. It was really fantastic of them to share these photos with us. It was completely unexpected and extremely appreciated. :)

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Bride’s Log: Minor Hiatus

Hey all! Just letting you know that the recapping will be temporarily placed on hold this week. Erick and I are traveling to Saint Louis to visit our photographers and see our photos and video. We are so super excited, but because of this, I will be passing on posting bride logs this week and quite possibly next week. If I come back sooner, you’ll see a post, otherwise, you’ll just have to be patient. For now, I’ll leave you with the only sneak peek we’re getting ourselves until we’re in St. Louie!


Bride’s Log : Day Five Part II : Making Order Out of Chaos

dayfivept02I should have used the rehearsal as a gauge for how our rather large group would be to coordinate on the wedding its self. It was not exactly easy. Everyone was easily distracted by one thing or another or even each other and it took my Day-of Coordinator (my DoC is how I’ll reference her) stepping up to snap everyone to attention. People were prone to wander or not pay attention when directions were given to them and sometimes I was getting annoyed because I knew I had important things to discuss, but I was forgetting them.

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Bride’s Log : Day Five Part I : Getting the Gang Together

dayfivept01 I had heard brides many-a-time complain about their wedding party being late or missing the rehearsal entirely. This prompted me to try to plan smart. I asked our wedding party to show up for a pseudo-mandatory lunch before the rehearsal. This was such great foresight, as everyone was there for lunch or at least ended up arriving on time for the rehearsal.

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Bride’s Log : Day Four : Put on the Gloves and Hash it Out!


Thursday was quite the day. However, it doesn’t quite rock the world as much as Friday does, but we’ll get to that later. We had planned to drop off the welcome bags at our guests’ hotels today and overall, that plan was holding through nice and strong. I went over the bags once more (my mom and sisters had been so amazing and put them together on Wednesday while we were having our spa day) and added labels with the name of the intended guest to help hotels know who they were for.

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Bride’s Log : Day Three : Getting it Together


I woke up bright an early like a bolt on Wednesday. Actually, I did every day of the wedding week, which is really unlike me. My family nickname isn’t bear for no reason, so it was very strange I woke up so lively, but that’s what happened. We had an appointment for a couple’s massage at the Mandara Spa in the Grand Californian today in the later afternoon. My maid of honor, Rebekah, and I also had a mani-pedi appointment following that so I got straight to crafting work, determined to finish all the last-minute projects I was still working on before we had to go to our appointment.

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