Bride’s Log : Day Five Part III : Let the Professionals Handle This


I had asked for our photographers to be present for the rehearsal dinner, but they also took some shots from the rehearsal. Mostly to help them plan around where to be on the wedding day. These are some photos they captured. It was really fantastic of them to share these photos with us. It was completely unexpected and extremely appreciated. :)


















Bride’s Log: Minor Hiatus

Hey all! Just letting you know that the recapping will be temporarily placed on hold this week. Erick and I are traveling to Saint Louis to visit our photographers and see our photos and video. We are so super excited, but because of this, I will be passing on posting bride logs this week and quite possibly next week. If I come back sooner, you’ll see a post, otherwise, you’ll just have to be patient. For now, I’ll leave you with the only sneak peek we’re getting ourselves until we’re in St. Louie!


Bride’s Log : Day Five Part II : Making Order Out of Chaos

dayfivept02I should have used the rehearsal as a gauge for how our rather large group would be to coordinate on the wedding its self. It was not exactly easy. Everyone was easily distracted by one thing or another or even each other and it took my Day-of Coordinator (my DoC is how I’ll reference her) stepping up to snap everyone to attention. People were prone to wander or not pay attention when directions were given to them and sometimes I was getting annoyed because I knew I had important things to discuss, but I was forgetting them.

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Bride’s Log : Day Five Part I : Getting the Gang Together

dayfivept01 I had heard brides many-a-time complain about their wedding party being late or missing the rehearsal entirely. This prompted me to try to plan smart. I asked our wedding party to show up for a pseudo-mandatory lunch before the rehearsal. This was such great foresight, as everyone was there for lunch or at least ended up arriving on time for the rehearsal.

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Bride’s Log : Day Four : Put on the Gloves and Hash it Out!


Thursday was quite the day. However, it doesn’t quite rock the world as much as Friday does, but we’ll get to that later. We had planned to drop off the welcome bags at our guests’ hotels today and overall, that plan was holding through nice and strong. I went over the bags once more (my mom and sisters had been so amazing and put them together on Wednesday while we were having our spa day) and added labels with the name of the intended guest to help hotels know who they were for.


Here’s a picture of our completed welcome bag, with all the goodies if the family had children. Even though they were really simple, I had put a lot of work into our bags and heard that they really had come in handy for everyone who received one.

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Bride’s Log : Day Three : Getting it Together


I woke up bright an early like a bolt on Wednesday. Actually, I did every day of the wedding week, which is really unlike me. My family nickname isn’t bear for no reason, so it was very strange I woke up so lively, but that’s what happened. We had an appointment for a couple’s massage at the Mandara Spa in the Grand Californian today in the later afternoon. My maid of honor, Rebekah, and I also had a mani-pedi appointment following that so I got straight to crafting work, determined to finish all the last-minute projects I was still working on before we had to go to our appointment.


My sisters, Catie and Cailin, and Lauren really gave me a major hand in getting those covers folded, hole-punched and the programs fully assembled and tied together. My maid of honor, Rebekah, showed up around 11 (she’d made really great time from the Valley!) and also joined in on the fun. With all the helping hands, we FINALLY got the programs completed and the seating chart put together just in time to leave for our spa day appointments.

My mom, sisters, and Lauren offered to put together the welcome bags while we were at our appointments and I graciously took them up on their offer,leaving it in their capable hands. Knowing they had this under control, The three of us piled into Erick’s car and made our way to the resort.

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Bride’s Log : Day Two : Crafting & Trader Sam’s


Yes, a lot of these days DO include a stop by Trader Sam’s. A goal was to be there EVERY day we were in Anaheim for the wedding. Only three of those nine days did we not make it. Monday was the first missed day. I was determined to be there every day from Tuesday onward.

I woke up with a start on Tuesday. As some of you may have recalled, Erick and I were planning to participate in the Dumbo Double Dare. The “DDD” is a marathon weekend event held in Disneyland. Unfortunately, Erick and I were unable to register for it. We were pretty disappointed about it until Disneyland announced the new Avengers Half Marathon in November. Registration opened today. I jumped out of bed and registered myself and Erick as fast as the slow internet connection of Vista de Oro would allow me. With 98% until the registration was considered full!

Once registered, I got right to work on getting those programs completed. Which I didn’t today, but I did get a lot of work finished on them and on making my seating chart. My sisters came and went with helping me here and there, but then made their way to the parks. I had to put our projects on and off of hold as I ran out of ink or had to go shop for more items and then it became time to make some last minute planning arrangements.

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Bride’s Log : Day One : The Very Long Day of Travel


Due to the cats and the flea problem, we were unable to leave like we usually do when we make trips to Disneyland. We normally leave by 6AM at the latest to get to Anaheim around noonish, giving us plenty of time to unwind and hit up the parks for the evening time. However, we were set back and didn’t drop off the cats until around 7:30am. Because it was already so late, and we still had not finished packing, we took our time to ensure we didn’t forget anything. After we were sure we were set for the week, we went out for a late breakfast with my parents and my two sisters whom were joining us at the villa we were renting for the entirety of the week and a half.

Thus, we had a very late start, which I’m absolutely not used to for Disneyland trips. We got stuck in boorish L.A. traffic and eventually made it to Vista de Oro close to 7pm. After unloading and unpacking and assessing what needed to be done, we did little outside of loafing around and ordering pizza for dinner. Monday was mainly a travel day and no photo documenting was done. Shame on me.

Due to the time of our arrival, the photos above were not taken on this trip, but from the previous one in November. If you missed it before, below is a gallery of photos I took from our first trip to Vista de Oro along with a video of the enchanting doorbell sound that I totally love.

And so our boring and uneventful Monday concluded.

Bride’s Log : Day Zero : A Rocky Start

Welcome to the first Bride’s Log of the voyage known as our wedding. Buckle up, it’s going to be quite the adventure.


The weekend before we left for Anaheim area, it felt like someone was trying to play a very mean joke on us.

I tried on my dress for the last time before the wedding, feeling like I hated it. Discovered a MAJOR mistake on our programs that required me to reprint all of the covers. Not only that, but we had many family members wanting to meet up before we left, my mother-in-law included, of whom I was really glad we took the time to visit. Not only was it a great step away, but she really helped me out with the Spanish programs I had yet to of gotten around to print. We finished up running errands, but even then, I felt like we’d forgotten a lot. Picked up my dad’s and Erick’s tux. Bought more ink and paper for the programs, of which I later came to the decision of bringing the printer with us to complete the programs because it was not happening over the span of the weekend.

We also got a lovely surprise from our cats. Well, more like the stray cats that like to hang out on our patio gave a gift to our cats. A full blown flea infestation. We had given the cats flea medication on Friday night in the hopes that they would be flea-free by the time we had to drop them off on Sunday, only to discover they were still heavily infested and unable to be checked-in to the pet hotel because of it. Turns out the medication we bought takes a week to activate and with neither the pet hotel offering flea baths nor any local groomers offering flea baths for cats, we had to take them home and give them a Dawn bath, apply new medicine (that the pet hotel said works faster), and flea bomb our apartment.

All this happening the night before we’re supposed to leave on the trip for our wedding.

We ended up deciding to take the cats first thing on Monday and get all of our things packed up so we can leave after dropping off the cats whom are hopefully flea-free in the morning.

Overall, an exhausting weekend and not exactly the start I had hoped for to our wedding week.